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2018 Wedding dresses Trends for a Gorgeous-looking Brid

However only used for a day, the wedding dress is at the heart of fashion industry as well as the ladies of planet Earth. Bridal wear is a rich stream where fashion designers’ artistic talent is manifested in endless designs which reflect the various facets of the woman. Wedding dresses designs are typical no more, just like today’s woman; they encompass delicacy and strength, vintage as well as modern components. 2017 bridal wear trends comprise attractive styles and unique designs. Let’s check the latest wedding dresses trends and have a tour through the production of well-known designers’ new collections.

8 Off the shoulder and long sleeves

Off the shoulder is central to the bridal fashion trends, even of fall/ winter 2017. Covering shoulders and arms with lace and long sleeves made the strong trend suitable for the cold season. Long sleeves style is adopted by fashion designers in their bridal collections, not only of fall/ winter but also spring/ summer 2017. Reem Acra, Sachin & Babi, Marchesa, Pronovias and many other designers employed them in their fall and spring collections.

7 Feathers touch

Adding feathers accents grown popular among fashion designers. The stunning touch that feathers add explains their fondness of them. Feathers are employed creatively as adornment of shoulder, wrist cuffs and neckline as well as bridal accessories. Monique Lhuillier‘s Stardust is an outstanding example of the magical look that feathers add, especially when accompanied with crystal embellishment.

And the creative employment of feathers’ look by Alon Livné White in this dress.

6 Bridal capes

Many designers, such as Pronovias, employed capes in their bridal collections of fall/ winter 2017 creatively. With their regal, fancy look, they provide the bride’s entry with more magic and romance. Pronovias, Isabelle Armstrong, Alberta Feretti and Naeem Khan employed it stunningly.

5 High collars (Victorian collars)

Another style from the past echoes on the present, adding classic touch to the bridal look; Victorian collars. They are making a comeback in 2017 cold season. Combined with lace, they add a poetic hue to the bride. Here are some works of Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Isabelle Armstrong and Naeem Khan

4 Wedding suits & jumpsuits

Existing in the bridal collections for 2017, suits and jumpsuits designs have grown popular among trendsetters as well as brides. The strong, independent aspect of today’s woman is manifested perfectly in this bridal look. Mixed with dainty touch, wedding suits provide brides with an unusual entry in their wedding day. Bridal jumpsuits style goes back to the seventies, was originally employed for Charlie Angels brides. With some contemporary updates, it is revived this season. The following are masterpieces of Carolina Herrera, Theia, Alberta Ferretti, Hermès.

3 Ruffles

Wedding dresses with ruffled skirts form strong trend in 2017. Creative designs of Sachin & Babi, Marchesa, Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang for fall 2017 convey romantic vibe because of the boho touch added to them.

Marchesa Bridal Spring 2017

2 Florals

Floral wedding gowns are a main trend in 2017. Florals are widely employed in fall/ winter bridal collections, not only spring’s.

1 Bridal accessories, tiaras and veils

For the wedding dresses designers and many brides, the wedding veil is an important component of the bridal look. Whatever its design is, it always add a magical touch to the bride’s look. Veils in 2017 vary between classic and modern designs; long, short and new styles. Oversized floral accessories such as earnings and hair pieces have trended up word for fall as well as spring seasons.