FIFA Women’s World Cup

2015 is going to be the seventh time in which the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held. It was held in 2011 in Germany and the right of hosting it in 2015 was given to Canada on March 3, 2011. 2015 FIFA World Women Cup is going to start on 6 June and will continue until 5 July. The traditional number of teams for all tournaments in the previous years was 16 teams, but it was decided to be increased in 2015 to be 24 teams. Increasing the number of teams led to increasing the number of matches that will be played as it was 32 matches in the previous years, but in 2015 it is going to be 52 matches.

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Participating in FIFA Women’s World Cup is allowed to different teams except for those who do not follow the rules of the game such as the North Korean team that was prevented from participating in 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup because most of its players were proved to have drugs for improving and boosting their performance. There are many cities that were chosen in Canada for playing matches in 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and these cities are Montreal, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver and Moncton. FIFA Women’s World Cup has begun its journey in 1991 till now.

Turid Knaak FIFA 17 Women World Cup Germany
Alex Morgan Japan v USA FIFA Women World Cup
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In 1991, FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in China and the winner of the World Cup in this year was USA while Norway was at the second place.

In 1995, the tournament was held in Sweden. Norway was capable of overcoming Germany to win the World Cup in this year and leave Germany in the second place.

In 1999, FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in USA. The competition was between USA and China and USA was capable of beating China and winning the World Cup.

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In 2003, the tournament was also held in USA for the second time. The winner of the World Cup in 2003 was Germany and Sweden Came after it at the second place.

In 2007, FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in China and the World Cup was presented in this year to Germany while Brazil was at the second place.

In 2011, the right of holding FIFA Women’s World Cup was given to Germany. The winner of the World Cup in this year was Japan, while USA came at the second place.

Danielle Carter FIFA U17 Women World Cup 3rd
Alexandra Popp FIFA 17 Women World Cup Germany LYsatd0dmSRx
Wambach Goal Thorsten Wagner
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