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Coming Trends: 15+ Fashion Expected Ideas for Next Spring & Summer

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There are many forecasts that are made to show us what is going to be presented in the coming year and what are the latest fashion trends that we are going to follow. What is predicted does not include just one item, but the predictions come to cover everything related to fashion such as the colors of each season, the materials that are used for making what we will wear, and even the patterns and the prints that you may find.

All of these fashion trend forecasts are carefully followed and taken into consideration by almost everyone starting from designers and retailers to buyers of course. There are four main trends that are going to dominate the following spring and next summer seasons and these trends are streamlines, thrift shop, Avant pop, and artisanal. What are these trends and what do they feature? This is what we are going to know through the following explanation.

Streamline trend features neutral colors such as gray, blue, navy, and neutral tangerine, minimal prints including stripes and animal prints, and comfortable materials such as nylon, sheer, chambray, mesh, and cotton. This trend also presents sweatshirts, wide-leg pants, cropped shirts, A-line skirts, bomber jackets, baggy shorts, Bermuda shorts, shirtdresses, and dad sneakers.

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Thrift shop trend features different materials such as suede, charmeuse and laser cuts, printed full skirt dresses, pencil skirts, oversized coats, platform sandals, and frayed canvas for accessories. The prints that are presented by this trend include cat and bird prints.

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Avant pop trend is considered to be the most colorful and energetic trend as it features bold prints and bright colors such as tangerine, royal, bright yellow, and Kelly green. The materials that are presented by this trend include nylon, stretch jersey, sequins, double knit jerseys, and PVC. This trend also offers criss-cross tops, boxy tops, and jackets, sateen crop tops, dirndl skirts, and embellished dresses. For the shoes that are presented by this trend, you can find shark-tooth soles, painted pumps, and playful sneakers which are really catchy for summer and spring seasons.

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The artisanal trend is rich in its materials, colors, and details as it features geometric patterns, border designs, a combination of bright colors and neutrals, stripes, embellishment, crafts, embroidery, 3D florals and rich materials such as lace, suede, leather, eyelet, and jacquard. You can also find full skirt mini dresses, shift dresses, and boxy tops with embellishments. The accessories include zodiac jewelry, statement necklaces, tassel necklaces, beadwork, fringe, and saddlebags, and more.

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