End of the World Story, Is This True?

Predicting the end of the world and the earth collapse has increased in the last few years and it has attracted the attention of all people around the world with different religions and beliefs. There are many prophecies which tell us that the world is going to end very soon and the result of that is the horror which has begun to spread among people in the whole world waiting for their end and for watching the earth collapse with their own eyes. Although the end of the world is considered to be the most massive catastrophe that can happen to us, there are some people who have tried to benefit from these prophecies that predict the end of the world to make as much money as possible through producing movies or manufacturing tools that are alleged to help people to survive and face the end of the world. The most important question is When is the world going to end?

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End of the World
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Mayan scholars told us before , depending on the ancient Mayans’ prophecies and calendar, that the end of the world is on December 21, 2012, but nothing happened. After that, they come to tell us that because of making a mistake while they were counting, they predicted a wrong date for the end of the world and they come now to correct it to be in September 3. The difference between the ancient Mayan calendar and the modern or Gregorian calendar is the main reason for predicting a wrong date for the end of the world. There are also other reasons that led people to predict the world to end soon such as solar storms which increase more and more and they are enough for destroying the earth planet and what exists on it.

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It does not make a difference whether we are all going to die at the same time or we are going to die alone because in both cases we will die and there is a moment that is determined by God for everyone to die in. So, Is the world really going to end? God is the only one who knows when we are going to die and not foretellers or astronomers whether they are modern or ancient. Doomsday is only decided by God and no one knows anything about it.

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Finally, all of those predictions or prophecies are just allegations that are not based on scientific facts or taken from heavenly books that were sent by God. All what we need to do is to be always prepared for the end of the world or for the end of our lives. We have to bear in mind that we can die at any time.

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The End Of The World

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