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Latest 20+ Men’s Hair Trends Coming for Spring & Summer

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It is not fair to talk most of the time, if it is not all of it, about women and the latest fashion trends that are presented to them without caring about men and giving them their rights. We always talk about the latest and hottest trends in the world of fashion including the new designs, accessories, and other items that are related to fashion, but what about the hair trends including hair color and haircuts?

It is thought that it is difficult to create different hairstyles for short hair because its length does not give you the chance to do that. This is completely false because men who usually have short hair are seen with different amazing haircuts and hairstyles. Most of the men especially those who are still young in their age wait for what is done by celebrities and the hairstyles with which they appear to follow them. Here is a quick glance at the next men’s trends for spring and summer. We hope that you can find the hairstyle and haircut that suits you.


There are several haircuts and hairstyles which are presented to men for this year such as the slick back, the slick high part, the slick side part, the slick blow back, the slick crew cut, the three panel slick back, the slick straight part, the platinum fringe, cropped fringe, the varsity fringe, the boy scout fringe, the modern quiff, the short quiff, the quiff part, the quiffed short fringe, the wet tousle, the layered tousle, the retro tousle, the layered Roman, the platinum tousle, the messy tousle, the natural tousle, the Roman crop, the teased block back, the top heavy crew cut, the top heavy blow back, the wavy side part, the modern Beatle, the natural medium cut, slick sailor cut, the 80’s wedge, the solid top cut, the messy short crop, short waves and curls and the undercut.

curly mop top.
curly mop top

In addition to all of these haircuts and hairstyles which are more suitable for short hair, there are other haircuts and hairstyles that are presented for those men who have long hair such as the lestat hairstyle, the slick middle part, curly mop top and shoulder length haircut. It will not be difficult for you to find a suitable haircut and hairstyle that meet your taste but before choosing the best of them for you, you have to bear in mind that any haircut or hairstyle should match the shape of your face to be catchier.

Cool Hairstyle Trends for Men 2014-A
Cool Hairstyle Trends for Men 2014 - Spike
Cool Hairstyle Trends for Men 2014 - Medium hair

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