7 Must See Hardest Football Hits …

The main reasons that make football an interesting game which is watched by many people around the world especially men are the hits that are creatively delivered and the moments of scoring goals. It does not matter whether the goal is scored by your team or by opponents. What is more amazing and really impressive is to see a hard hit that is really shocking for you and for the opponents on the field or to see a goal that is amazingly scored. There are some football players who are renowned for delivering magnificent hits which are really stunning. Although these hits make football more interesting and appealing to men, they are also dangerous for the players themselves as there are many footballers who are injured while delivering these hard hits and the injury may come to be serious or may lead to the death of the player.

MAIS Football Championships 2012 027

There are hard hits that are ranked as the best, are considered to be memorable and will never be forgotten. Hard hits such as Jack Tatum hit on Darryl Stingley in 1978, Lawrence Taylor hit on Joe Theismann in 1985, Roger Craig hit on Tim Krumrie in 1989, Sean Taylor hit on Brian Moorman in 2006, John Lynch hit on Chris Henry in 2006, Bart Scott hit on Ben Roethlisberger in 2006, Tanard Jackson hit on Dallas Clark in 2007, Sheldon Brown hit on Reggie Bush in 2007, Darrell Reid hit on Chris Henry in 2007 and Hines Ward hit on Keith Rivers in 2008 are all remarkable hard hits in the history of football and cannot be forgotten.


You can enjoy watching more of the hardest hits of the College Football Season here:

College Football Hardest Hits

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