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20 unique wedding giveaways ideas

Your wedding day is the most beautiful and important day in your life. You have been waiting for it for along time wishing that day to be unforgettable day. You plan for everything and care about the small details, you choose the best dress or suit, the best place to set your wedding and decorate the wedding hall with the best decoration. But what about the attendants in your wedding ? You should not forget them and you should also make them remember that day and not to forget it. You can give them souvenirs which are simple and not costly at all, but they are very effective.

Some of the souvenirs can be kept for a long time and the others are consumed once they are taken. You can wrap the souvenirs with colored papers or put them in nice and decorated packages. It will be very impressive to present personalized giveaways for the attendants as you can write their names on them or you can engrave the names of you and your partner. To help you to choose giveaways for your attendants, we present to you the following creative ideas that are simple and effective.

Candles: Although they are small in size, they have the same effect of the big size. They can be used on the tables of the attendants to add a romantic atmosphere.

Pepper and salt shakers: They differ in their sizes, shapes and colors. The attendants will find them attractive. They can be used inside the wedding hall or kept as souvenirs.

Chocolate: One of the giveaways that will vanish once they are taken. It is suitable for all ages so you will not worry about the children.

Snacks and candies: The children will like them more than the adults. But both of them will enjoy eating them during the wedding or after going home. You can put them in small packages do be easily hold.

Sparklers: Instead of sitting on chairs, let the attendants share celebration with you. Sparkle will give your wedding an amazing and beautiful feeling.

Bubbles: They add a romantic atmosphere to your wedding. Bubbles can be made when you enter the wedding room or when you dance with your partner to make you happy.

Notebooks: They will be useful and practical for the attendants as they can be used for writing notes.

Lip balm: You can write the names of  the attendants on them or the names of the bride and groom.

Crystals: They are very beautiful gifts to be presented. They can be used as decorating pieces later on.

Vases: They are made of glass or porcelain. They have different  shapes and sizes.

Plates: They can have the names of the couple engraved on them or a message thanking attendants for coming.

Key chains: Another practical giveaway in which you can hang the names of the couple or the name of everyone in the hall.

Candy scoop and spoons: They can be used inside the hall for taking goodies if they are not distributed in small bags and for stirring drinks. The names of the couple can be engraved on them.

Hand fans: They will be very useful for closed places and hot weather. They are made of paper or wood and can be folded.

Photo frames: They can hold a photo for the couple or have their names engraved on them.

Bells: The attendants can ring them when you once enter the wedding hall to make a soft and sweet sound.

Glass coaster: They are used inside the hall f or holding glasses and they have many beautiful and different shapes. They can have the name of the couple engraved or the date of the wedding.

Compact mirrors: They will be suitable giveaways for women more than men.

Bottle openers: The attendants can use them inside the hall if there are drinks that need to be opened. You can engrave the name of the couple on them or simply a special thanks.

Glasses: They can be used for drinks inside the hall and the names of the couple, the bridesmaids or the groom maids can be engraved or the names of the attendants.