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20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

People love to travel and explore the diverse cultures, delicious cuisines, rich heritage and history, and much more when they travel for a holiday. While the beach vacations are timeless as you don’t need more than a comfortable resort, exotic landmarks, warm waters, and some good food to eat. There are many locations in this world which would charm you by the cultural blend and rich history it is associated with. No matter how much you travel, there are always new places to explore and rediscover yourself. We have handpicked for you the top 20 locations which you should considered exploring on a holiday.

20 Las Vegas [USA]

This tourist destination is fit for a king due to the dazzling atmosphere and festivities going on in the city. This center of epic geography gives you the opportunity for some exotic show time. You could feast on the eyes on the hidden gems in America, shop till you drop in the boutiques and malls available at your disposal, party like a rock star, or spend a romantic evening with your loved one. The possibilities are endless in this sleepless city.

Las-Vegas-675x380 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

19 Angra dos Reis [Brazil]

This city would encourage you to travel beyond the big cities. Placed between Sao Paulo and Rio, this place offers peace, tranquility and privacy, something which is not easily available in the bustles of a big city. With exotic beach villas, golf courses, restaurants, and spas available at your disposal. You seriously can’t ask for anything more from this beautiful holiday destination.

rio-angra-beach-675x506 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

18 Belfast [Northern Ireland]

One of the attractive tourist destinations in Europe, considering its growing amount of open-air bars, restaurants, lounges, and art venues. Some of the popular attractions here are the street-art tours and popular pop-up cabarets organized around the city by the arts organization, Seedhead. There are plenty of spots to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Ireland, although the Muddlers Club and Vandal steal the show among the rest.

Belfast-City-Hall-and-Big-Wheel-675x448 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

17 Chandigarh [India]

Blessed with an alluring mix of innovation and tradition, this city in Northern India features bold, modern architecture blended in a classic style. One of the remarkable urban creations and a handful planned cities in India, Chandigarh offers plenty of green spaces and a local culture which is just dying to be explored. Many architectures in Chandigarh have featured in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Come home to the incredible city of Chandigarh and spend a wonderful holiday exploring the rich heritage of this enchanting destination.

Rock-Garden-india-675x648 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

rockgarden-chandigarh-20160504-7-675x506 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

16 Chile

The most overlooked wonderland in South America has slowly and steadily garnering pace towards becoming the most desirable adventurous tourist destination. Blessed with abundant natural features such as biodiversity, ecosystems, topographies, mesmerizing landscapes, captivating national parks, and much more. A few boutique hotels and fine dining restaurants have made it into the capital city of Chile which adds more feature to its tourist attractions. Another popular feature to explore is the wine tourism scenario in Chile which is slowly building blocks.

maipo-valley-wine-tour-Chile-675x510 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

15 Granada [Spain]

One of the most sensual history lessons you can ever undertake in your life. Granada in Spain features amazing places and gardens of the Alhambra that were created by the Nasrids, the final dynasty of Islamic Spain. With every visit to Spain, few facts of its intricate architecture are revealed. Apart from this, there are tiled fountains in tiny squares, forkfuls of tasty tapas in boisterous bars, and flowers tumbling over whitewashed walls which deserve your attention.

oviedo-spain-andalusia-675x675 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

granada-spain-the-Alhambra-675x382 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

14 Abu Dhabi [UAE]

The capital city of the UAE offers a wonderful fusion of modern designs blended with classical architecture. The Grand Sheikh Mosque is a testimony to the same. A city sightseeing tour in Abu Dhabi gives you a wonderful way to explore the rich heritage and amazing cultural history of the UAE. Set as a fishing village before the oil boom hit the place, this destination oozes luxury and elegance from every corner.

The-Grand-Sheikh-Mosque-675x506 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

13 Liuwa [Zambia]

One of the most remote national parks in Africa, Liuwa is placed on the upper Zambezi floodplains in the Wild Western Province in Zambia. With the arrival of the annual floods, what is left behind is a stunning virgin flower-strewn wilderness that catches the attention of several tourists. This is one of the few places in the world which is abundantly rich in unbroken horizon of grass. Some plains are stippled with water-filled pans and wooden islands that attract numerous endangered species such as black-winged pratincoles and wattled cranes. In short, you can get a wonderful exploration of different species of wild animals in their natural habitat.

wildlife-liuwa-plain-national-park-zambia-675x380 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

Luuwa-Zambia-675x270 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

12 Lech [Austria]

This town in Austria is considered to be the epitome of Alpine charm coupled with ancient timber chalets, an onion-domed church, and a meandering river. With the snowy weather, you can explore the nearby slopes of Zurs or explore the car-free satellite of Oberlech. With massive investments in its tourism, which includes the largest lift-linked ski area in Austria, there are features which will make you fall in love with this stunning holiday destination.

Lech-Zuers-Tourism-675x316 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

11 Maldives

Blessed with mesmerizing beauty and unparalleled tranquility, these stunning set of tropical islands is home to some of the finest hotels and spas in the entire world. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, this is a favorite spot for couples to enjoy their honeymoon due to the peaceful environment coupled with loads of privacy and stunning landscapes. No matter what your tastes are, you can be assured of an invigorating holiday in the Maldives.

maldives-675x380 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

10 Copenhagen [Denmark]

The endearing food culture in this enchanting city steals the limelight from all other cities in Denmark. With an array of restaurants offering various international and local cuisine available at your disposal. You will definitely be spoiled for choices if you are a true foodie. Savor your taste buds with delicious and yummy delicacies that will surely set your tongue wagging.

copenhagen-denmark-harbor-675x347 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

9 Dubai [UAE]

One of the modern tourist destinations which offers the best in class service, enchanting attractions, and plenty of activities to keep you engaged all through your holiday. Dubai has transformed into a world-class tourist destination thanks to special extravaganza events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises, Dubai Food Festival, and much more. No matter how many times you visit this place, Dubai always has something new in store for all kinds of travelers and visitors.

Dubai-City-675x380 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

8 Belgrade [Serbia]

The graffiti-covered neighborhoods are booming with stylish restaurants and bars. Enjoy a delicious and wide range of cuisine in one of these. Some of the popular ones include Toro, Tri Sesira, Kabinet Supernova IPA at Bailoni, and the century old brewery space in Centiniska. A relaxing laid back environment to shift your top gears of a busy city.

knez_mihajlova-belgrade-serbia-675x470 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

7 Tampa [Florida]

The cold weather gives you the perfect reason to enjoy the nice and toasty atmosphere of Tampa in Florida. There are awesome attractions and events happening around this place which gives a perfect opportunity to get a sneak peek into the cultural history of this place. The newest feature in the list of popular attractions in Tampa is the Riverwalk. The very sight of it would leave you in awe. We assure you that this place is totally worth a visit.

Tampa-Financial-Planning_1-675x352 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

tampa-riverwalk-kennedy-bridge-and-the-university-of-tampa-675x450 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

6 Bermuda

After a loosening of restrictions on the foreign investment, Bermuda is flooding with a number of wealthy visitors and is creating a stir among the new generation of travelers. The star attraction of this place is definitely the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club which shares a 132 year old history and houses art collections, a spa, and restaurant which serves local delicacies.

bermuda-marcus-restaurant-mario_madau-675x383 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

5 Cambodian Coast

Home to a stunning group of islands in Southeast Asia, the Cambodian Coast offers a perfect getaway atmosphere which would surely refresh and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. if you are done exploring the island and its exotic offerings, spend some time in discovering the capital, Phnom Penh.

Cambodian-Coast-lazy-beach-resort-s-beautiful-675x448 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

4 Hamburg [Germany]

This booming tourist destination is one of the most intriguing cities in Germany. Some of the star attractions include Elbe River morph, ZahaHadid’s River Promenade, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg by Herzog & de Meuron, and much more. This tourist destination is garnering the attention of tourists all over the world. No matter what your age group is, this place has it all to satisfy your tastes.

3 Machu Picchu [Peru]

Known as the new 7th wonder of the world, Machu Picchu is a 15th century Inca citadel placed above the Sacred Valley on a mountain ridge which is 2,430 meters above sea level. Built as an estate for the Inca emperor Pachacuti in the 14th century and later abandoned, a century later, during the Spanish Conquest. The destination features classical Inca style which is blessed with polished dry-stone walls. Featured in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, this destination is gaining more and more tourist popularity in the last decade or so since it was named as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

machu-picchu-1-675x535 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

2 Jerusalem [Israel]

One of the pilgrimage site which has undergone a major transformation in becoming a booming tourist destination. You got plenty of attractions to explore and discover such as the Mahane Yehuda market, several food and drink joints like the Ishtabach and the Machneyuda, the boutique Brown Jerusalem hotel, etc. This place has a rich religious culture owning to the birthplace of Lord Jesus Christ.

Church-of-the-Holy-Sepulchre-675x671 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

1 Devon [England]

Popular for its surf beaches and cream teas, this destination gives you a wonderful experience of a countryside village. With plenty of fine dining restaurants, an awesome art collection, ecclesiastical architecture, and stunning backdrops, this place has everything to match the taste of all kinds of travelers.

Devon-England-2-675x506 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

Devon-England-675x506 20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

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