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20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2018/2019

Which Christmas toys will you purchase for your kids? You may say that it is still too early to start thinking of the toys and other gifts that you will purchase for your children. You may be right, but for children it is completely different. Christmas for children means gifts and this is why they start thinking of the gifts that they will receive from their parents and others early before the coming of Christmas. For this reason, you have to start saving money to be able to purchase the Christmas toys that your children dream of and wish to receive this year. The Christmas toys that are presented for children in this year vary in their types to suit different ages and needs. Want to discover more about these Christmas toys? Take a look at the following 20 must have Christmas toys for children.

1 Tiny Treasures Baby Doll – $39.99

This lifelike baby doll as mentioned in top fashion trends magazine in USA is going to be loved by both young children and parents for the amazing and unique features that it has. The baby doll looks like a real newborn baby in different things you can imagine such as the sleek hair, sleepy eyes, soft skin and it even has the authentic smell of newborn babies which makes it more than amazing as a gift for young children.

2 Design a Friend Tiffany – $49.99

Design a Friend Tiffany is a perfect Christmas gift for young girls who are three years old or older. It comes with everything it may need for the red carpet and fashion shows. It has a stunning pink gown, glittery sandals, white silk gloves, amazing clutch bag and pink catwalk to elegantly walk on [source: american TopTen Magazine].

3 Fisher Price Codeapillar – $49.99

If you are looking for an easy way to help your child learn more about coding, then you have to get this motorized caterpillar. It is a perfect choice for those parents who want to introduce their children to computer coding. The motorized caterpillar features colorful lights, amusing sound effects and music. It can also be programmed by its young users, whose ages range from three to six years old, to move through obstacles.

4 VTech Toot Toot Drivers Goldmine Train Set

It is one of the newest playsets to be presented by VTech for children in this year. The train set consists of 32 track pieces, motorized mining train, cargo car, mine mountain and 9 SmartPoint locations for introducing early language skills in addition to 3 songs and 17 melodies for more entertainment.

5 LEGO City Volcano – $89.99

Do you want to keep your children busy for a long time? LEGO City Volcano will help you achieve what you want. The LEGO set features 6 mini-figures, mobile operation vehicles, volcano and more individual pieces to allow your children to enjoy their time while playing.

6 Zoomer Chimp – $57.99 “It is a robotic chimp that has the ability to laugh and make lifelike movements and it also comes with more than 100 tricks and 200 sounds”

7 SelfieMic – $19.99 “It is a selfie stick attached to a microphone to allow children, starting from 8 years old and more, to make music videos while singing alone or with friends”

8 BB-8 – $59.99 “It is the hottest remote-controlled Star Wars toy to be presented for kids in this year”

9 Snuggles My Dream Puppy – $49.99 “It can nod its head, scrunch up the nose and move the stomach when it breathes”

10 Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike – $49.99 “It is the first NERF gun to offer three ways to blast and fire bullets in three different directions”

11 Paw Patrol Air Patroller “with real lights and sounds” – $49.99

12 Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table – $34.13

13 Fisher-Price Dance and Move BeatBo – $36.99

As mentioned “Top 10 Awesome Christmas Toys for Boys” in TopTeny website.

14 VTech KidiZoom Duo – $49.99

15 HTI My Little Pony Style and Groom Pony – $44.99

16 Hair Glow Rapunzel – $80.99

17 Turtles Giant Leo Playset – $144.99

18 My First Frozen Activity Ride on

19 Barbie Convertible Car and Closet

source: https://www.pouted.com/6-worlds-popular-barbie-girls-2017/

20 Little Live Pets Glitzi Mouse House, Mouse House Trail & Mouse Play Trail


Which toy will you bring for your child under the Christmas tree this year?