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20 Marvelous & Catchy Crochet Hats for Newborn babies

Crochet hats that are made for newborn babies are available in different designs, colors and embellishment. You can easily make these crochet hats for your baby by yourself without the need to purchase them and waste your money. Even if you are not a mother or do not have young babies, then you can make them to be presented as gifts for your friends who already have babies or other who are going to have a baby soon. All of the designs that are presented to you here can inspire you to make many hats for newborn babies and not just one hat. You can choose the designs that you like and it is not necessary for you to abide by these designs as you can use other colors and also other materials according to what you need for your baby.

Newborn baby’s crochet hats can be made in different beautiful shapes such as cartoon characters or even animals and birds such as penguins, giraffes, frogs, rabbits, owls and other wonderful shapes. If you want to embellish these crochet hats to make them catchier, then you can add crochet flowers and bows or use pearls, beads and ribbons especially those which are made from satin.

Some of the hats that are made for babies are inspired by those hats which are made for men and women, however they look very catchy and may be more beautiful when they are worn by young babies. You can use more than one color for making your baby’s hats but bear in mind that these colors should match each other and it will be better if they also match the colors of the clothes that your baby wears.