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20+ Hottest Curtain Designs for 2019

Home should always be the place where you start feeling fine again after an exhausting day; it is not only the place where you go to at the end of the day, it is also where you feel warm on the inside and cozy; it is more like the place where you can totally be yourself and recharge your batteries for facing the outside world for once again. Thus, the way you take care of your house can actually play a great part in changing your mood and that is not a guess that we made according to experience, no; it is a fact that has been proven by several types of research and studies. But, let us drop the shade on one more important fact; if you are not satisfied with the décor of your house, in point of fact, you do no have to change it drastically, but, instead; you can play with the littlest details that are able to give you the impression of being at a totally different place; these details can actually include minor stuff that people do not pay a lot of attention too like the rugs and the curtains, however; we are going to put an emphasis on the curtains because they are the first thing you can lay your eyes on once you step inside the house; they are more noticeable.
Well, some people might not actually pay attention to the importance of curtains can be because they are considered like the accessories of the house and people usually, mistakenly, believe that they are just additions instead of essentials. Just like necklaces and earrings can rev up your whole outfit, curtains are able to do the same to your house too, if not more. They are able to give you a better appearance if you are actually good at choosing the right curtain.
Whether you need to select good curtains for treating your windows or your house is already decorated with a bunch of nice fallen curtains, you can still consider having one of the hottest designs that have made an appearance in 2017. Check the following list out.

1 Chevron Patterned Curtain
This curtain is plain green on the upper part and then it starts developing a chevron pattern in white over a gray base giving the room an amazing warm atmosphere. It works perfectly in any room in the household, but one that contains warm plains colors without being too fuzzy.

mustard yellow ikat curtains

2 Red Striped Curtains
Red fabric curtains with white stripes are perfect for a modern living room where they would be able to brighten it beautifully if they are combined with nice neutral colors. Your living room will look alive and feel warm whenever you decided to spend time there watching TV or reading a magazine.

3 Dark Blue Blinds
The dark blue blinds look very simple and appear amazing on their own. They might look simply plain and empty of texture, but that is actually what makes them perfect, for they will be seamless in a room that is full of patterned designs. If that is the case with your rooms, then these dark blinds will be amazing.

4 Black and White Floral Valance
If you are not into long curtains, but still want to redecorate your rooms, you have the cornice valances that get evenly fixed over the frame of the window. This design looks exceptionally great, especially; if you are a fan of flowers and those designs that contain a lot of them, then you will definitely love this one. Not only that it has a nice floral design, but it also gives a warm appearance for your room for being only in black and white, giving your windows a nice Vintage dress up.

5 Brown and Beige Curtains
Well, if you have creamy walls and would love to rev them up a notch, select for them a couple of nice curtains that are brown and beige, but in a unique way. These curtains are mostly dark brown that is interrupted with a wide line of beige in its middle, giving the curtain an exceptional appearance.

6 Black-Framed White Curtain
The design of this curtain might pretty much resemble the previous one in having two colors, but the difference here is that the curtain is mostly white and the black is only limited to its lines, creating a nice frame. Such curtain is going to look its best if it is placed in a bathroom, however; you have the total freedom to place it in whatever room in your house you would like, but just make sure it goes accordingly to the decoration of the whole room.

7 Neutral Patterned Curtains
It seems like the patterned curtains are coming big this year, but that does not actually make the plain and colored ones any less beautiful, but let us be honest about how the patterned curtains are capable of prettying up your room. These neutral patterned curtains are deemed to be very delightful yet it can create an elegant look to your living room and what else could your be looking for other than elegance?

8 Orange and White Wool Curtain
Although elegance is an amazing theme to decorate your rooms with, still, getting out of your comfort zone and choosing a bold looking curtain can go a long way. This orange and white curtain looks boldly playful, creating a lively atmosphere in your house, making you feel energetic and dynamic even on your not-so-good days.

9 Gold Embroidery in a Plain Curtain
This design is one of a kind for combining a set of nice valances along with a nice draped curtain. Besides, the gold hanging threads and cord give the room a playful appearance and a strong imperial appeal. Such curtain would look perfectly dazzling in a living room, for it is the place where you tend to invite and welcome people into your house, so you would certainly want it to be perceptible.

10 Mint Green Transparent Curtains
Mint green has recently gained popularity for being a warm lively color, thus; you will certainly love having it hang around your place, giving it a nice green reflection, won’t you? These curtains are transparent and create an elegant theme to your room, especially; if you combine it with more pastel or neutral colors; that is when your room is going to look at its best.

sage green sheer curtains

11 Shades of the Sun Floor-to-ceiling Curtains
Needless to say, the sun is the source of warmth and balminess; consequently, having curtains that are yellowish orange curtains with dark orange spiral patterns drawn on them will unquestionably give your room a nice feeling of warmness and coziness.

12 Plain Gray Curtains
Gray is known to add sophistication and elegance to the environment, thus; if that is what you are looking for, decorate your living room with a set of gray curtains for adding a touch of grace and class to your atmosphere.

13 A Combination of Damask and Stripes
Combining between damask and stripes could never go wrong, especially; if they were combined perfectly. This short curtain will perfectly suit a bedroom that either has green or blue walls, for the stripes included in the curtain, are in these both colors. What also makes this combination dazzling is that it was not haphazardly designed, but instead; the damask takes the whole center of the curtain while the stripes are limited to the sided ends as well as a narrow stripe intersecting the damask design, creating a unique curtain.

14 Nature-themed Curtains
Curtains that have a green shade that resembles that of the leaves of the plant add a natural look to the room, especially; if you have pieces of furniture that have a bit lighter shade of green, creating the illusion of being out in nature. If you a lover of nature, this could be the best designs for you to feel the closest to it if you are not able to be physically near it.

15 Bright Yellow Curtains
Yellow is a naturally bright color, so you should consider selecting this color had you have a dark neutral furniture or if your living room is full of black and other dark colors; the yellow color will help make your living room look bright and shiny, especially; during the morning. You will love the brightness it adds.

16 White and Red Curtains
White is an amazing color for being able to beautifully mix with all the other colors that exist in the world and give you a shimmering result. That is how it goes with these white curtains that are full of red patterned circles; they make the bedroom shine and spark.

17 Pleated Valance
Valances are capable of giving your room a personality when they are selected right, but these pleated valances can actually give more than that, for they add a country-themed atmosphere for your place.

18 Breezy and Light Curtains
Such linen curtains will successfully add coziness to your living room, creating a warm feeling as soon as the beams of the sun starts penetrating through and your room gets filled with the streaming light of the sun through the blustery curtains.

19 Poppy Prints
Flowers are the most beautiful kind of plants, thus; people love when they are printed in floral designs on curtains, but we will let the shade rest on the poppy flowers in particular. They will give the room a nice dazzling view, creating a warm atmosphere.

20 Ombre Curtains
The gradual pattern of colors has recently been popular around the world, for they add a lively and sprightly atmosphere to whatever room they exist in. Thus, ombre curtains should be considered when it comes.