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20+ Best Ceiling Lamp Ideas for Kids’ Rooms in 2018

Bedrooms are safe havens where we retreat after spending a long day outside; being spending time outdoors is healthy, but sometimes we can’t help but feel exhausted from daily interactions and socializing with people. Your kids can get these feelings too; they might feel mentally overwhelmed from school as well as daily routine; and what they might be looking for is a place where they can recharge their batteries for another day, therefore it is your job, as a parent, to make sure that their bedroom is as they love and favor, and you should be aware that lighting is an important part in the design and decor process. Bottom line, do not hesitate to spend some time looking for creative lighting ideas. Check out this list of amazing ceiling lamps that could add something new to your kids’ bedrooms for next years.

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Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are cool lightning technique, inexpensive though, that can be used for illuminating your children’s room. Especially, if the lanterns are colorful; they are going to brighten the room with different playful colors.

Our Magazine Recommendations:

Balloon lamps

This is, probably, going to get rapidly demanded by young kids as soon as they get informed of its existence. It is a balloon-shaped lamp fixed to the ceiling with hanging ropes that make them look like helium balloons that have flown and got stuck. They look simple and joyful.

Our Magazine Recommendations:

DIY lighting tool

This is the most inexpensive way to retreat to if you are on a short budget; DIY technique. If you are good at crafting or creating things on your own, buy a kind of long string and attach to it nicely shaped stuff in which you can place some small lamps. Then hang these strings into the ceiling of your kids’ room and let them enjoy a cool effect and peaceful place of their own.

Hanging lamps

These hanging lamps are fairly similar to the helium balloons ones, but the addition of stuffed bears, cartoon or other cute shapes will make them look further cuter. These lamps are fixated to the ceiling to look like flying balloons; they also have relaxing lights that can help your angels relax and fall asleep peacefully.

Cornered-cloud and star strings lighting

This one can work perfectly as a night lamp when your children are relaxing and tucked into their beds ready to sleep. It is usually hung onto a corner; it is a cloud-shaped surface underneath which strings of lighting stars are hung. You can also fix these lighting strings with the cloud over the bed, but make sure the tips of the cloud is fixed to the corner along with the ceiling.

LED shaped lights

This time, it is not a hanging lamp, but it is correspondingly fixed to the ceiling. You get some shaped little lighting stuff whether stars, bears, flowers, or whatever shapes you come across, and install them into the ceiling.