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1and1 vs Godaddy – Which One is Best Web Hosting?!

There are many individuals who put Godaddy first when it comes to hosting. This is because they have been with them for so long, and also due to the fact that they have not explored other hosting companies. It won’t hurt you by doing a comparison between Godaddy vs 1and1 or other hosting companies.

Actually, it might even put some extra money in your pocket, as well as give you more features within a hosting company. Today we will be exploring 1and1 vs Godaddy.


1and1 vs Godaddy; Which One is The Best?

Our latest hosting study reveals that 1and1 is the best company in terms of e-commerce. For example, they offer OSCommerce, ZenCart and even CubeCart. It doesn’t stop there either because there are many other hosting companies available. We have also noticed they are extremely fast. You will pay less price per month over at 1and1 which is very affordable hosting company. In comparison of 1and1 with Godaddy, we have found that 52% people have had a better experience with 1and1.



If you decide to look into the age and history of a web hosting provider, you are already doing yourself a favor. Even though Godaddy has been around longer, 1and1 is still favored the most. How is this possible if there are more customers at Godaddy? For one thing, 1and1 receives better reviews.

You may assume that when a hosting company is larger, it automatically means they are a better choice. However, this is untrue. Godaddy currently doesn’t have enough employees working for them, so the wait time on customer support seems ridiculous. Aside from this, 1and1 has good customer support although not excellent. The wait time is around 3-5 minutes while Godaddys waiting time is 5-10 minutes.


1and1 vs Godaddy Value Comparison:

1and1 obviously has more to offer so if you value quality, they would be a great choice. Upon registration, you will receive a free $100 worth of Google Ad credits. On top of this, you’ll be getting the Facebook and Bing Ad vouchers for $50.

Godaddy could be less expensive than 1and1 if you go with the 36 month hosting.However, you may find that Godaddy doesn’t give you a lot of unlimited items like 1and1 does.

With 1and1, potential customers are extremely attracted to their new deal. Right now they are offering many great 1and1 deals. There are super deals if you are looking to save some money and get more quality features.


 Final Conclusion:

Overall, we like 1and1 the most because of their affordability and features. Feel free to look at this 1and1 Full Review to see for yourself!

Check 1and1 Offers … VS … Godaddy Offers

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