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19 Weird Fruits From Asia, Maybe You Have Never Heard Of

While taking a trip through greengrocer and supermarkets, we see a variety of fruits which has different shapes, benefits and tastes. These different fruits are a very small offer based on the great variety of weird and delicious fruits which we do not eat or even know. In Asia, there are many delicious and weird fruits which we have never heard of and form a new world to us.

Here are 19 kinds of weird fruits from Asia

Pomelo: it can weigh up to 5 pounds, it has a yellowish-green skin and it is the largest citrus fruit in the world.


Noni: it is used for healing liver diseases.


Santol: it is also known as sour apple or cotton fruit, it has a sour and sweet taste.


Lychee: its flesh is white, soft and sweet.


Dragon fruit: it helps in digestion, its fruit is white and has spotted black seeds.


Longan: the dried longan used in Chinese desserts.


Durian: it is the king of fruits in Southeast Asia.


Rambutan: it has a sticky and sweet flesh inside with a woody seed in the middle.


Mangosteen: it is protected by a hard exterior, it has a sweet and tangy taste.


Star fruit: its shape is like a star and it contains antioxidants, potassium and vitamin C.


Jackfruit: it could weigh up to 80 pounds and it used as fried like banana fritters.


Snake fruit: its snake is like snake-skin. It has a sweet and tangy taste like Pineapple.


Ciku: it is a popular tropical fruit.


Kumquat: it looks like the orange but smaller and oval-shaped, it could be used for making jelly.


Yangmei: this is strawberry could be eaten fresh or dried.


Water apple: it is juicy and crunchy fruit.


Guava: its fruit is hard and crunchy.


Nipah seeds: this fruit is white and chewy.


Pulasan: sometimes, it is mistaken to the rambutan, its fruit is white, sweet and has a big woody seed in the middle.


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