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18 Work Outfits Every Working Woman Should Have

Thanks to the Feminism movement, all the opportunities that life offers can now be seized by women, just like men have been able to seize them all along, especially when it comes to working; women are no longer the inferior part of the equation who are now able to work in any field without discrimination. Today they are totally independent, the builders of their own career path. Women can be called super too, for they are able to solely lead a successful life without having to depend on men financially, psychologically or even emotionally. We are not trying to show any aggression against men, no, not at all. We are just illustrating how powerful women have grown to be.

Being a strong independent woman does not actually change women’s self-perspective, they are actually the same creatures that are so in love with grooming themselves, and yes, after all, women are women. For that, they still struggle when it comes to picking up the perfect outfit, especially when they are heading to work. They no longer have that privilege to dress whatever they please or lay their eyes on. If you are a busy working woman and still have that struggle with choosing the perfect formal outfit, don’t worry we have got your back, bringing you a list of formal outfits that are just right for the workplace.

18 Pencil Skirts

Needless to say, pencil skirts are a perfect selection for a formal outfit. They can look professional, classy and very feminine, especially that they are capable of flattering your curves as well as your sleek legs. No matter what color or shape your pencil skirt is, it can flawlessly fit with a plain white shirt or blouse.

17 High Neck Blouse and Pencil Skirt

High neck blouses are a bit tight, but in a comfy way, so they are a good choice if you love to show your perfectly fit body. Wear a pencil skirt along with the blouse, and watch people turning their heads.

16 Pointed Shoes

Pointed shoes are, as a matter of fact, able to save you time and effort, for whatever outfit you have chosen, you can wear these shoes along with, and still look unblemished, classy and stylish.

15 Knee Length Vest

Vests that extend to the knee look very professional, and that is why they will always be faultless in any workplace. Since the plain white shirt is always a savior, put it on and wear that knee length vest along with it. Try to keep your pants slim, and not skinny, and put on a pair of pointed shoes with a reasonable heels’ height with that outfit.

14 Bonded Skirt

Bonded skirts are delightful and cute. They are great for changing the boring formal look. You can wear a pastel colored bonded skirt on the days when you are not feeling in the mood, for a nice outfit can improve your mood drastically by boosting your self-confidence.

13 Office Shoes

When we say office shoes, we are actually speaking about a wide range of shoes, starting from cute formal flats to incredibly high heels, though those extremely high heeled shoes are not really recommended since they are painful. You can go with the formal flats for they are adorable and comfy, or the leather office shoes instead. If the shoes fit, feel free to wear them.

12 Waistcoats

Coats add that elegant touch to your look, whether you are dressed casually or formally, especially waistcoats; those extended to the waist. They are great choice for a faultless work outfit, and they will keep you stylish and classy.

11 Lined Blazer

That white blazer that is lined in black can match almost everything; it is versatile and a great time saver, so definitely it is one of the must-have outfits that are suitable to wear at work.

10 Colored Blazer

Blazers that fit perfectly, not too tight nor loose, are adorable and give you that serious and professional appearance. They come in handy and can be matched with a wide range of different outfits. Pick up a blazer of your favorite color, and choose the rest of your outfit accordingly.

9 Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts are comfy as well as stylish. Put one on along with a pair of pants of your choice, making sure the colors are in contrast. Such an outfit will give you the chance to pick up whatever footwear you please.

8 Slim Slacks

Slim slacks that are ankle length are great for completing a perfect professional outfit. They can also be paired with a nice plain shirt and a blazer, along with a pair of formal flats.

7 Full Skirt

Full skirts might look a bit old-fashioned, but they are still trending and they actually never go wrong. They are very comfortable to wear and are perfect for those days when you are in a hurry, or too lazy to spend time looking for an outfit, but to be honest, you will still look fabulous.

6 Sweater over a Shirt

This style is not only for men, but women can wear it too. Choose a plain shirt of your choice, and throw a plain sweater over it, and you will look simply professional. Besides, this style can go with almost anything, whether a bonded skirt, a pencil one, or even a pair of slacks.

5 Neutral Trousers

Neutral color tones feel so perfect to start a positive morning with. Choose a nice pastel color and wear it, you can also pair it with any top of your choice, bearing the contrast of colors in mind.

4 Colorful Suits

Suits are the easiest choice you can retreat to when you are not sure what to wear. All you have to do is to choose a matching shirt to wear underneath it.

3 Leather Jacket and Slacks

Leather jackets go perfectly fine with any casual wear, but they also do the same with a formal one. Wear a leather jacket with a pair of slacks, and hit your workplace confidently.

2 Checkered Shirt and White Pants

White pants are very beautiful and elegant. If you happen to love them and have the required confidence for putting them on, then do not hesitate because they can be matched with almost everything, but try them on with a checkered shirt and you won’t regret.

1 Accessories

Never underestimate the great impact of the accessories; they are actually capable of changing your overall look with the slightest change ever. And by accessories, we mean bags, necklaces, bracelets, headwear and sunglasses if needed. All you need to do is to pick up the ones that are going to flatter your whole attire and keep you looking professional.

“We are women, our choices are never easy” Well, if you are familiar with the movie Titanic, you will totally get that reference, and it is the quote that fits perfectly here because, for women, those uneasy choices to make include picking up an outfit, or even the perfect lipstick shade. We should all admit that being a woman is never easy, especially in a patriarchal world like ours, but no matter what, Keep your heads up high and your heels even higher.