18 Newest & Youngest Barbie Girls in The World

All the girls and women always want to be beautiful and this is why they do their best and try everything possible to look more beautiful than others and to be prettier than they really are. They spend nearly most of their money on purchasing high-quality make-up products, losing weight, undergoing plastic surgeries and caring about the shape of the whole body trying to achieve perfection. They seek for the beauty of the most impressive and beautiful women on earth but the newest trend that has recently appeared is to do your best to look like dolls. Barbie girls, human Barbie, real life Barbie and living Barbie are all terms used to refer to those girls who look like the Barbie doll that we all know. There are some girls who assure that this is their natural beauty and they did not undergo plastic surgeries or resort to Photoshop to get that shape. The most famous Human Barbie is Valeria Lukyanova from Russia, but there is a new rival to her and she is called Lolita Richi. Let’s discover more about the new Barbie girl to decide whether she is really beautiful or not.

The young human Barbie when she was just six years old "A tomboy girl"
The young human Barbie when she was just six years old “A tomboy girl”


Barbie doll is really a beautiful doll but what about the newest and youngest Barbie girl who is called Lolita Richi? Lolita Richi is from Ukraine and is just 16 years old to be the youngest Barbie girl till now. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, her waist is tiny since it is just 20 inches and has 32F bra size. She wears contact lenses, claims that her beauty is natural and assures that she has not undergone any plastic surgeries to get this beautiful and Barbie-like shape.

Lolita Richi Barbie Girl Without Photoshop

Lolita says that she was a tomboy playing with boys and did not care about her appearance when she was young, but now everything is completely different as there are many people who are jealous of her and the boys at school like her but she likes none of them because they are not good for her and are mentally immature. She posts many pictures online and claims that she does not use Photoshop. She advises women to wear contact lenses if their eyes are not beautiful and to solve the problem of the crooked nose that they have through plastic surgeries or any other solution to be more impressive.


Lolita says that she eats anything she likes and does not need to diet to get the shape of her body. Her mother, who is just 33 years old, supports her and is proud of her beauty and how she looks. She allows Lolita to wear what she likes whatever it is and captures photos of her to be posted online. Lolita wants to be widely famous for her Barbie-like look and dreams of being a psychologist in the future after finishing her school. Lolita also wants to be with a real manly man who is sensible, polite and has the ability to face problems without running away from them. The man whom she wants should not be bald because she does not like bald men.



Are you one of those men whom Lolita likes?

The most famous Human Barbie "Valeria Lukyanova"
The most famous Human Barbie “Valeria Lukyanova”


Who is more beautiful?

Valeria Lukyanova


Lolita Richi 

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