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16 Creative Lip Makeup Art Trends in 2019

Lips are considered the most eye-catching thing in our faces; they are luscious as well as sexy. As a result, women love taking care of their lips by moisturizing and coloring them with the nicest and the most sensual shades, but, lately, some girls have made advantage of makeup, not only by using it for cosmetics but also by creating amazing works of art. Lip makeup can be used just like you use paint, forming nice shapes and creative ideas. A lot of artists have used makeup to create arts that are inspired by everything that exists in our daily lives, varying from creepy and spooky arts to cute and adorable ones.
We all know that makeup can work like magic, drastically transforming how someone looks. Thus, someone who has artistic magical hands and is also good with makeup would definitely be able to form an amazingly detailed work of arts of someone’s lips; they definitely look unbelievably marvelous. By using brushes with different sizes and shapes as well as lipsticks of different shades, more than a few makeup artists were able to produce all sorts of artworks, including cute cartoon characters from well-known movies and shows, Halloween-themed art, and more. Check out these amazingly creative lip makeup art and enjoy.

1 Heart-Shaped Lips
This is one of the most adorable lip arts out there. You have probably seen it before on celebrities while they were shooting a picture special for an album cover or whatever. The artist usually uses two different shades to create a heart, one color is in the middle of the lips in the form of a heart shape while the surrounding of the heart, which is the rest of the lips, should be lighter to look like a background. Have lips t.

2 Dory Lips
Do not we all fall in love with Dory, the forgetful fish, every time we see it on TV? Well, it is surely going to be a great idea to have Dory on your lips and make everyone adore your lips art. This art features some coral reefs that are drawn on the upper lip while Dory is on the lower one, smiling and waving at us, probably not remembering how she got there in the first place.

3 Panda Lips
Panda are adorable creatures that are nearly loved by almost everyone. For drawing a panda on your lips, definitely black and white should be the colors of your choice. You can apply the white lipstick to your whole lip and then start drawing black patches here and there along with drawing the eyes and the nose; you can also feel free to get out of the lips line to draw the ears, just like it is shown in the picture.

4 Mulan Lips
This one is incredibly creative and amazing. It is featuring the Disney feminist character Mulan, but it is not a single drawing, instead, they are two. Just like the poster of the movie, the art features one-half of Mulan’s face as a princess and a girly girl while the other one features her face as the army fighter that she had come to be. It is one of the kind arts.

5 The Sink of the Titanic
Ok, we all agree that drawing the titanic on the lips is an unbelievable art to do, but what about drawing a specific scene from the movie? Yes, that is even more impressive. This lips art features different shades of blue, the upper lip is the sky, while the lower one is the ocean into which the great titanic is sinking. The ship is drawn precisely that you hardly believe it is a lip paint.

6 Floral Lips
Flowers present an amazingly natural beauty and it is usually girly, for it always looks adorable when a girl wears a floral dress, shirt, shoes, or anything. Having that floral art to be drawn on the lips need two magical hands and an eye for details. It must be a bit exhausting to draw, but it is worth the effort.

7 A Tim Burton Movie Lips
Definitely, most, if not all, of the characters from any Tim Burton movie are easily recognized; he has become so special in creating his characters and stories that people, without difficulty, recognize it. This lip art is featuring this character from The Corpse Bride movie, standing on the edge of a hill. What makes this art really interesting, is the details that are taken care of while drawing the environment in which The Corpse Bride character would be standing.

8 Rainbow-Like Lips
Seven shades of lipsticks on the same person’s lips, such lips art would be so fascinating, would not it be? They look like a rainbow and, definitely, rainbows are always stunning.

9 Looney Tunes Characters Lips
Who does not love the characters of Looney Tunes? Of course, everybody loves them. Having those characters drawn on your lips is an adorable and creative idea, but of course you can’t have all of them drawn all at once, especially, that the characters get drawn on most of the face and not only the lips; the lips only serve as the mouth of the characters, but the rest of the masterpiece is precisely drawn.

10 Harry Potter Lips
Harry Potter, the world’s most loved wizard of all times. Definitely, all the Potterheads would love having anything that is related to Harry potter drawn on their lips. This lips art features the young Harry Potter on the lower lip while the upper one feature Hogwarts School. It looks fascinating.

11 Ombre Lips
Ombre has been so popular lately and no one can be blamed for making it that popular, for it is an amazing kind of art. Ombre is remarkably astounding, be it on hair, a dress, or whatever. Thus, having an ombre lips will still be as amazing; all you need to do to achieve this incredible look is get different shades of the same color and apply them gradually to create an ombre look.

12 3D Lips
In the 21st century, everything has easily turned into 3D, but not everyone is familiar with the 3D lips, but once they are, a lot of them will be obsessed with it, especially, those who have thin lips and would love to have bigger ones. You can find a lot of easy tutorials on the internet that you can benefit from and master the art of the 3D lips.

13 Disney Characters Lips
Just like the Looney Tunes characters lips, Disney characters can also be featured on your lips with their precise details. These pictures are of lips arts that are featuring several characters, including Genie, Timon, Pumbaa, Nemo, and more. They all look fabulous.

14 Pumpkin Lips
Pumpkins are delicious when they are made into a spiced latte during the fall season, but they also look adorable as spooky themes of Halloween.

15 Halloween Graveyard Lips
Here is one more theme of Halloween that you will definitely fall in love with, especially, if you are a fan of the Halloween and the spooky weird stuff. Suck lip art would, definitely, require using a black shade of lipstick to create those detailed ghostly art featuring a Halloween graveyard. It actually looks fantastic.

16 Comics Inspired Lips
They are known as either the Comics Lips, as they are inspired from those lips that are drawn in the comic books or the Cartoon lips. This art makes your lips like those of Jessica Rabbit; the sexy lady from Who Framed Roger Rabbit Movie, besides, it has that glossy nice look. You can try this creative lip makeup art and look unique.

With all the advance that the world is witnessing every day, it is not surprising to see such beautiful arts getting more and more popular. In the end, we cannot deny the fact that they really look spectacular.