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16 Celebrity Hottest Hair Trends for Summer 2018

The woman’s hair is an endless source of beauty. Tresses of ladies have been enchanting mankind since ancient times; an enchantment manifested in the words of poets and lines of artists. Hairstyles today are much more vibrant and natural than ever, for women started to realize the important role their hair acts as an expression of their personalities and moods. Also, the hairstylists have been creative weather in inventing new cuts and colors or modernizing the old ones to satisfy the contemporary women, their different tastes and preferences.

In this topic, we take you on a tour through the most trendy hairstyles and colors adopted by celebrities this year so far. Among the main characteristics of summer hair trends is the more dependence on the natural hair look rather than sprays, and the subtle complements rather than a complete change of the hair look which is probably good news for the ladies who want to add something new to their hair look, but do not seek radical alternation. But that’s not all; there is a wide range of modernized hairstyles and many of them can be applied for different hair lengths. So, you will definitely be finding a hair-look that suits you. Following are 16 of the celebrities hottest hairstyles for summer.

16 A bang suits the face

Bangs has been trending this year and worn by many celebrities. Fortunately, they vary to suit each face shape; oval, square, heart or even round. Generally, heart-shaped faces need to avoid short and blunt bangs, while long curtained bang can be an excellent choice. Side-swept bangs greatly match round faces while full bangs don’t. So if you are interested in complementing your look with a bang, just opt for one that goes perfectly with your face.

15 Metal accessories with a simple Knot or ponytail

This trend is a clear reflection of the mainstream tendency to keep it simple and natural; even when you decide to go for a complete new-look, choose one in harmony with yourself, so that you can effortlessly appear natural with it. Anyway, everyday life suggests that you are not able to wear an impressively unusual hairstyle each day, neither should you. You can easily turn a simple knot or ponytail into a breathtaking look with the charm of hair adornments. They can make the same hairstyle look different each time you use a new accessory.

14 Hair ribbons

Hair ribbons are able to add a confidently feminine look when worn well. A good way to do so is tying the ribbon loosely in a low ponytail slightly pulled away from the scalp.

13 Burgundy curls and box braids 

Burgundy is a bold color that has been trending in 2017. It is quite vibrant, therefore box braids and curls, with their wild look, are perfect hairstyles for that color. Box braids have been popular since the 90s, and the trend has revived in 2015, however for many tribes in Africa, the hairstyle has been familiar since forever. Although more common with long hair, box braids can also be worn by sort-hair ladies. The braids can be thin, medium or thick according to your preference and the thickness of your hair.

12 Modern Mullet

The Mullet haircut has been evolving for decades since the 1980s, the zenith of its popularity. Mullet, in its modern versions, is strongly back and has been rocking out the world of hairstyles this year. Contemporary Mullet is more natural, softer, and blended; it is now longer around the ears, shorter on top, which is described by Karine Jackson, London Hairdresser of the Year finalist, as “a more seamless way to wear it”. It is also more able to be adapted to the different face shapes.

11 Amethyst-to-navy hair

just like its namesake, the amethyst-to-navy ombré is a true gem. You will be rocking and rolling in that color even while wearing the simplest hairstyle. Just take some time to imagine yourself with your hair dyed in the color and make sure that you accept the look, for it is not exactly a normal one.

10 High pony

A simple way to reveal your beautiful neck is to gather your hair up in a high pony. With either straight or flat-waved hair, it will present you the hot look effortlessly.

9 Smoky Lilac

Other unnatural shades, but calmer than the Amethyst. Lilac is generally considered the most subtle hair color, but this breathtaking look by the talented hairdresser, Kendal Noel, is unique and much more natural. It begins with deep gray smoothly interrupted by lines of pale lavender which dominates the lower part of the hair. This hair has been turned to a piece of art!

8 Bob with contemporary add-on

Another popular haircut that never goes out of fashion is the Bob. But rather than the classical form, it has witnessed modern modifications such as shortening the back more than the sides, which conveys more pageboy look. Bob suits all hair textures. You can also try mixing it with the wet hair trend which will add such a hot look; comb through a shining serum or cream then comb through your hair; yes, just that simple.

7 Brunette with Phoenix strands

Now here is the striking hairstyle of Joely Fisher. The crimson, flamed ends perfectly balayaged through the deep brunette hair created a look that is extremely hot and full of confidence. Way to go Alicia!

6 Nearly black brunette

Also called goth brown, this color is able to give the hair a quite vibrant look, and add depth and mystery to your overall appearance, especially when accompanied by goth style. Goth brown is employed in another way by dyeing the upper part of the hair dark, and the lower just a hair lighter. When it is done well, it is unable to tell where the dark color ends and the lighter begins, for the edges of the two colors are perfectly blended.

5 Center-parted, sleek hair

Shiny, iron-straight, center-parted hairstyle has been growing popular; it is one of the biggest trends for the year. This look demands a healthy hair, so take good care of yours, and mist up your hair with a heat protectant before using a straightener. Also, many ladies have gone for super cher hair that reaches their waists using ultra-long extensions. Theis hairstyle trend makes an attractive contrast when worn along with modern outfits and make-up.

4 Exfoliation for naturally strong hair

As a part of the growing tendency to keep the hair look as natural as possible, exfoliation treatments for the scalp and hair are getting more and more popular. They remove the impurities and from the roots to the end of the locks. Also hairstylists recommend the seekers of a natural look to brush their hair before washing so it doesn’t get super tangled, then gently towel and leave to dry naturally. This will bring out its natural texture.

3 More natural-looking waves

Wearing a wavy hair that looks natural needs effort, so as most of the effortless hairstyles. Celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton suggests using a mid-size curling iron on random areas of the hair then adding a texturizer which will give your strands a more messy look.

2 Platinum blond & silver

Despite not easily achieved hair colors, they have maintained their domination as the most prominent hair colors for this year. Applying these stunning colors requires a double-process; bleaching out the pigment then toning and coloring. Nevertheless, the results are stellar!

1 blond-gray & Multifaceted platinum

Mixing gold and silver tones is a new sweeping trend not only in the land of hairstyles but also the world of interior design and it is rocking there too. Back to hairstyles, a quite perfect look for this hybrid hair color so far is the one worn by Evan Rachel Wood along with short sleek hair. Another hybrid of the platinum trend is the multifaceted blonde platinum. It is a quite rich mix of colors.

Your hair is an incredible source of beauty and attraction; so keep it healthy. The more care you give to it, the more glamor it adds to you. And if you will be making some changes in your hair look soon, we hope that these hairstyle trends for the summer have been inspirational.