15 Tips To Be Productive and Happy at Work

If you love your work place and team , you will finish your work quickly and will feel more satisfied. Some people felt the difficulty of being more productive and satisfied and ca not concentrate to get the results they want. These people are in need for a help to fill them with power and energy.Both men and women feel these problems at work which make them feel not happy at work or at home , so they want a solution.

To be productive and happy at work, follow these 20 tips. Don’t do them all at once ,but make a to-do list or a schedule of tasks and follow it. Keep this list in somewhere is visible to remind you always and make you fresh your brain. It is not an order to do them all, search in them and choose what suits your situation.

1) Clean up your desk , arrange your staff , always keep it tidy before going to home and when you come the next day , you’ll find it looks great.

2) Always check your eyes yearly , because if it become tired you’ll feel a headache. You can do some exercises with your eye like doing the movement of number 8.

3) Use anti glare screen for your computer , if you are using computer for long time.

4) Do some exercises for relaxing , stretch your muscles , stand up and walk or move your hands.

5) Drink some of water in several times , it is better than tea or coffee.

6) Take break to talk with your colleagues , Go outside in sunlight , make physical exercises which refresh your mood , focus and memory .

7) Get a plant on your desk , because looking to a green thing is good for your eyes.

8) Do hard and difficult tasks first then do the easy , this will make you overcomes the time pressure.

9) Keep a family picture on your desk , call your family for one time at least and make good relations with your team at work.

10) Help one of your colleagues and if it is possible take a group lunch that will take you away of work pressure .

11) You have to sit well , not to suffer from back pains which are terribly hurt.

12) Be cheerful , happy and laugh with your colleagues.

13) Try not to waste time , divide your tasks with your time and start with the difficult task to the easier.

14) Be positive and focus only on what you have not on what you don’t have , this will give you a positive energy.

15) Make a to-do list or a schedule of these tips , keep it in a visible place and follow some of the tips and it will make you feel happy and productive.

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