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15 Newest Home Decoration Trends You Have to Know for 2018

Our homes are the only places in which we can find the needed comfort. We may spend a long time outside our homes. But we finally go back home to enjoy our time with family and friends as well. For these reasons, caring about decorating our homes and changing this decoration from time to time is a must. Changing the decoration of your home can play an important role in reducing stress, increasing your energy, and helping you to relax. So, why to ignore this simple thing? We can do it, but we just need to start. Changing the design or decoration of our homes is believed to be both tiring and costly. It may require spending a lot of money, exerting a huge of effort and wasting a long time. In fact, you do not need to suffer from any of these things. This is because through changing simple items at your home, you can successfully enjoy a new home that dazzles your family and helps you to confidently invite your friends. Let’s start checking out the newest home decoration trends that are presented for the next year.

Butterflies in decoration

Butterflies are always considered as symbols of life, hope, fun, joy and optimism. So, why do not we add them to different spaces at our homes? Using butterflies for decoration is usually associated with children’s bedrooms. But because we all love butterflies, we also need to use them at different rooms. Butterflies can be used in various ways. They can be found on wallpapers, curtains, carpets, fabrics, or used as 3D stickers, accessories, and different pieces of furniture especially chairs.

A blend of patterns

Using a mixture of patterns is not a new home decoration trend that has recently appeared. It was spotted before as a fashion trend and then taken to be used at our homes in 2016. It continues to be present with us in the next year. So, it is time to forget those trends that require choosing patterns which match each other. You have to opt for the mismatched patterns to update your rooms. Mismatched patterns appear on fabrics, walls and furniture as well like chairs.

Fur for more comfort & luxury

Wherever it is used, it has the ability to add a luxurious look. Fur is not only used in the coats and jackets we wear to keep us warm in cold seasons. It is also used for decorating our homes and adding a luxurious look to different rooms. Fur can be used in all rooms even bathrooms. It can be found in blankets, rugs, bed covers, pillows, chairs and carpets. It is available in different colors and sizes to help you find what suits your taste and satisfies your needs.

Ceiling beams

Why to leave the ceiling without being decorated? There are several ways through which you can decorate your ceiling. You can use ceiling beams in different rooms such as living room, bedroom and even bathroom. Ceiling beams which are made of faux wood are going to be more common in the next year since they do not bow or rot like those beams which are made of real wood.

Engineered quartz countertops

Engineered quartz countertops can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms. They are available in a wide variety of colors, designs and patterns to satisfy different needs, tastes and requirements. Engineered quartz countertops are believed to be better than marble countertops since they are a combination of quartz and flexible resins. They are also preferred because they are hard, nonreactive to acidic foods and can withstand heat.

Leather furniture

Leather can be easily cleaned. So, why do not you think of purchasing leather furniture for your home in the next year? Instead of purchasing sofas or chairs that are made of natural leather, go for those that are created of faux leather. Faux leather chairs and sofas are cheaper and will save you more money. You can find leather sofas and chairs available in various colors and designs to get what you need for refreshing your home. Brown and black are the most common colors but they are not the only ones.

Artificial plants

What do you think of adding a fresh look to your home? Through simply using different flowers, trees, and other small plants, you can easily change the look of different rooms at your home. Using fresh or real plants requires taking care of them and this is why artificial plants are more preferred by many people. You can use the artificial plants for decorating different spaces such as tables, ceiling, stairs and even walls. Artificial plants can also be presented as nice gifts on different occasions.

Using faux materials

Most of the people opt for using faux materials instead of the authentic ones. This happens because the faux materials are cheaper and help homeowners to save money. Another reason is that some of the faux materials that we use at our homes are more reliable, durable and can withstand different conditions such as heat unlike some of the authentic materials that do not last for a long time. Engineered gray floors, faux fur, faux leather, engineered quartz, and faux wood beams are all among the faux finishes and materials you are going to find in the next year.

Reading nooks

It is one of the best home decoration trends that are presented for the next year. It suits all homeowners even those who have small homes. To create a reading nook, you do not have to look for a large space at your home. Reading nooks can be created at corners, under staircases and near windows without consuming a large space. By taking a look at the creative reading nook ideas that are presented here, you can start designing your own nook to enjoy reading your interesting books away from others. For more privacy, you can add curtains like those that are used at kids’ rooms.

Terracotta tiles

Those terracotta tiles of the 80s come back again to be used at our homes and replace those white tiles that we usually use. Terracotta tiles can add warmth to different rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms and they bring the charm of the old world back.

Bohemian style

The bohemian style is presented as one of the loveliest home decoration trends for the next year. It is believed to be simple, comfortable, inviting, chic, and really fascinating. It features using different patterns, colorful fabrics, simple materials and home accessories in addition to using plants for getting a fresh look.

Upholstered bed heads for more luxury and for easily updating bedrooms

Cork comes back again to be found in everything you may use at your home such as home accessories, chairs, stools, tables, even walls and floors to add texture and warmth to different spaces

Ombré furniture as a hot home décor trend for the next year
Stunning terrariums for adding a fresh look and decorating different surfaces at your home as creative works of art