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15 Interior Design Tips & Ideas for Narrow Small Spaces

Vast spaces are comfortable and make you feel relaxed, but unfortunately, a lot of people tend to believe that only large spaces are capable of providing you with those feelings. In fact, small and narrow spaces can give you that feeling of coziness; above and beyond, being satisfied by your own place regardless of its size is a matter of choice. Instead of comparing your own place to that of your friend’s who is blessed with a nice big house, learn how to make yourself more content with what you have, in case you are not capable to afford a new bigger place. On the other hand, fancy decorations and designs are not meant for broad spaces only, you can turn your little house into one of the fanciest and most modern places ever only with the slightest changes and least efforts. Interior designers usually have solutions for all your decoration dilemmas; however, the main goal of this article is not only to teach you several ideas and tips that will make any space in your house seems bigger, but it will also give you hints that abiding by them will teach you how to feel good once you step your feet at your doorstep and live in peace within that small place of yours.

The basic principles of having your home decorated in the greatest designs are the creation of focal points, consistency, proportion, definition of space, and balance. Consider all of these aspects as pieces of a puzzle that need to be correctly and neatly put together, and that is how you will reach that point of having a comfortable, cozy home, regardless of its size. In this article, you will be encountered with a pool of eccentric ideas that will provide you with practical solutions to effortlessly revamp your small home.


Open storage shelves are deemed to be very visually appealing although regular ones may have several valuable resolutions. One smart thing to make use of the small space of the kitchen is to separate it from the dining area by adding a wall divider; however, you can still keep the place casual and open. You may also need to have long shelves that extend all the way from the ceiling to the floor, so you can easily store everything without taking too much space.

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So, your rooms are relatively small? Do not worry, this is an easy fix. You will just to choose using light fixtures and sconces instead of standing lamps, for that way you will save the extra floor space that standing lamps take up while being place around the room. Above and beyond, light fixtures give small areas an inclusive brightness since they are installed in the center, unlike the standing lamps that are usually placed in corners.

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You can make use of every space in your home if you happen to deal with these spaces in a smart way. So, if you would love to have a small place where you can work or study, you create a simple workstation by adding a small nook between two closets. For storing your essential materials, you can add floating shelves above your desk. That way, you will add a nice display to your room as well as avoid wasting extra spaces.

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In some cases, building walls is a smart way to create an extra room; however, building a wall that is extending to the ceiling can take more space than needed. In that case, you may retrieve to building up a partial wall, where you can separate two rooms, but still feel like your space is open and wide.

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Well, living in a small space may limit your decorative options, but do not let that get into you, there are several ways that you can use to avoid taking up extra space. Besides, there are rooms in your place that may be used for serving different purposes and that can make things feel overcrowded; for that very reason, you can create a simple unit used as a desk above which you will add shelves for smart storage and to that desk, you can connect a bed where you can pull out or conceal as needed. This way, you will not feel the need to buy several items to serve different purposes; creating an item that can be used for multiple purposes is always a better idea.

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Go vertical and avoid horizontal may sound confusing, but here is the deal; try to use the space up to the ceiling as much as possible. This means that if you need to have shelves for storage, always keep them tall instead of wide, so they do not have to take up a wide area of the floor space. Above and beyond, strong verticals make the rooms look taller and bigger, unlike the horizontal stuff that may make your place looks jam-packed. So, try to do the same with all the pieces present in a room. And keep your furniture pieces low; that way, your rooms will look larger and it will give your place a nice design as well.

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You have probably heard that before, have not you? That adding a full mirror is deemed to be one of the best tricks in the world of interior design to visually make your room look large as it adds width to it. Also, do not forget to make sure that your mirror is reflecting a nice scene to add a stylish touch to your overall design.

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Of course, the bathroom has some essentials that have to be there, but if your bathroom is small, you may not be happy with the jam that this stuff could result in. As a consequence, your best choice should actually go to narrow wall shelves, for they are great in storing your stuff without making things look overcrowded. You can also add some small baskets on your shelves in order to create some privacy in storing your materials, including your cotton swabs, tooth brush, favorite lotion, toothpaste, and everything else that you think needs to be placed in the bathroom.

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When it comes to the living room, you will need to choose your furniture pieces wisely because probably this is the room that usually feels crowded. The living room needs to serve several purposes like seats for watching TV or reading a newspaper or a book and others for serving your guests. For these several reasons, you will need to make your living room up to the challenge of being a place for several activities, so always opt for chairs that their arms are relatively small and give the room’s square footages to the seats, besides, make sure that your seats have long legs, instead of being directly placed on the floor because, that way, you will save up some space and your living will feel comfortable.

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Light colors are known to enhance the feeling of space unlike darker shades that usually tend to shrink your place. As a result, always paint your walls in light tones and also provide furniture pieces that have pastel tones. If you love dark hues, you can use them in a very small percentage and make the rest of your room lighter, so it feels wider, livelier, and creates an energetic vibe as well.

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It is a human nature that we always tend to buy things that we THINK may be useful at some point in our lives, but, with small spaces, you are only creating a hassle and a clutter that may find yourself unable to get rid of. So, before you decide to buy any stuff, make sure you really need it. That way your place will always look organized and uncrowded with unnecessary objects.

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Small spaces can actually stimulate your creativity because you will always look for ways to make use of any additional space and avoid having clutters all around. Since storage solutions have saved us from being stuck in this problem, there is nothing wrong with enhancing every inch of your home including beneath the stairs. You can make use of that tiny uncooperative area by adding shelving units where you can store anything you want varying from bottles of wines to a collection of books.

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Don’t be afraid of hanging large portraits on your wall. You may think that your choices always need to be limited to things that are small in size, but when it comes to hanging artworks, you can go as big as you can. Not only because these hangings make your wall and overall design seem more impressive, but also because visual stuff plays a great role in creating the illusion of a bigger space.

interior design living room artwork 15 Interior Design Tips & Ideas for Narrow Small Spaces - 18


This advice includes almost anything that can be hung instead of placed directly on the floor. For example, if you want to have a bookcase where all your books would be stored and stayed intact, opt for floating shelves, for this way you will avoid using unnecessary floor space. Just like we also stated before, go for light fixtures and sconces instead of standing lamps.

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Quick window treatments can play a great role in making your small room look bigger than it really is, especially if these treatments extend from the floor and all the way up to the ceiling.

interior design living room WINDOW TREATMENTS 15 Interior Design Tips & Ideas for Narrow Small Spaces - 20

Aren’t these tips enough for making you love your small home? It is time to consider the way you arrange your stuff and see what may be the reason behind making your space unintentionally smaller that you would want it to be. Get creative.

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