15 Innovative Interior Designs for Restaurants

Restaurants are the place to which we go to eat some kinds of delicious food and as we care about the taste of the food, we also care about the interior design of the restaurant that makes us repeat our visit to it. We used to see traditional restaurants with ordinary designs for the chairs, ceiling, lamps and walls. The owners of the restaurants compete with each other to get the best decoration and design in their restaurant to attract larger numbers of customers. The designers also compete and seek for designing the best restaurant in an innovate.

We always care about the innovative ideas and they attract us. We become curious about them and begin to think and ask ourselves about the way by which the idea is applied. The innovative designs of the restaurants do the same thing, so the restaurants’ owners try to apply innovative ideas in decorating and designing their restaurants to make them more attractive to the customers. To enjoy you, we brought you these innovative designs for restaurants.

This design is based on changing the shape of the ceiling to be more effective. It is composed of poplar cubes that are gathered together to form that final shape. The shape differs depending on the distance between you and the shape but in reality the shape is the same and does not change.There are lights installed in the ceiling above the cloud that give beautiful lights and shadows.


The walls in this restaurant are really innovative as they have built-in aquariums which make them look marvelous.

innovative Chinese restaurant aquarim interior

This innovative design depends on using wood in tables and seating without legs and this makes the design new and attractive.

Furniture Modern Interior Ator Restaurant Interior Design
Modern Interior Ator Restaurant Interior Design
Wooden Interior Furniture Ator Restaurant Interior Design

Using sticks is the main idea of this design as you can find sticks which are stuck together together to give you that shape and it imitates the bird’s nest. The restaurant also have extraordinary chairs and the lamps look like rains.

Two storeyed Dining Section in Twister Restaurant
twister restaurant interiors
twister restaurant interiors

It looks like a hurricane that draws any thing towards it.


It depends on recycling old things such as windows and chairs and they are used into a decorative way.

UXUS designed Ella Dining Room & Bar 02

Waves shape for the ceiling and walls and it is made of wood. They really look strange and attractive.

BANQ restaurant

Circus design for restaurants that make the place joyful and attractive for the customers.

Circus Bar & Restaurant Interior By Tom Dixon

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