15 Creative Kitchen Designs

Choosing the best design for your kitchen is not an easy task at all. There are some basic points that you need to identify first before choosing your design. Your kitchen design must match the other furniture in your house for being classic or modern design, some of the main questions that you should ask yourself  before you choose your design are what is the size of the kitchen room?, what is the kind of the accessories that i need in my kitchen?, how many washtub will i need?, what are the devices that i need?, what is the status of the devices that i will use in my kitchen?

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There are many different creative designs for your kitchen but you should decide first either you want to make your kitchen just a place for preparing foods or a place for gathering the family at breakfast, launch, and dinner times.

It is important to know also the number of the family members who will use the kitchen, the cooking area could be in the center of the kitchen or on one of the walls of the kitchen, and that will depend on the available space of my kitchen so as not to slow the movement at the kitchen.

The best designs should leave enough area between these instruments in your kitchen the stove/ oven, the bath/washing machine, Dishwashers and refrigerator / freezer so as to save the place from becoming crowded.

There are two famous designs the first is the L- shaped kitchen which is very famous and practical in rectangular kitchens, in this design they divide the instruments of the kitchen on two straight lines, it is an ideal design for those who want to have a dining table in the center of the kitchen.

PAINTOLY 15 Creative Kitchen Designs

The second design is the U- shaped design which is the best design for huge kitchens as it is very suitable for cooking and storage.

The latest fashionable kitchen colors are the black , red, silver, and blue which suit the big area and the light colors such as rose, violet, green and yellow that suit large area.


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