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15 Most Creative Building Designs in The World in 2018

Throughout the years, the world has witnessed the humans capability of creating a lot of fascinating stuff.
And luckily, this progress does not seem to ever stop. People would usually get astonished upon observing how advanced technology is getting every day, or how fashion keep surprising us with all the new styles that are being brought into being every single day. The cherry on the cake is, these are not the only fascinating stuff that are witnessing constant progress. There is also the art, in all its forms, and by art we are not only referring to painting, photography or carving, but also including architecture.

You might not pay too much attention to that field unless you are already interested in it, but as a matter of fact, you do not have to be an architect to be updated with what the art of designing has come to; you only need to be curious enough to behold the beauty of the creative and unfamiliar designs and structures of buildings that were brought into being. At first, skyscrapers might have been the highest and most interesting buildings the world has ever seen, but now it is not about how high the building is anymore, it is all about how different and innovative it is. In this list, you will be introduced to a number of creative buildings that exist all around the world.

15 Rotating Tower, UAE

This skyscraper is also known as the Dynamic tower, and it is located in Dubai, the city of the everlasting wonders. There are plenty of these towers there, and they actually rotate, on their own, resulting in a constant reshaping for the tower.

14 Turning Torso, Sweden

The Turning Torso is actually a skyscraper that is located in Malmo, Sweden. It consists of 54 floors, and every five floors are relatively twisted to the five below and over them, resulting in a twisted tower. It is one of the most creative buildings the world has ever witnessed.

13 Longaberger Headquarters, The United States

Longaberger Headquarters is an American company, located in Ohio, that is designed in a large basket model. And that was a creative gesture of the fact that the company is originally one of America’s largest baskets manufacturers.

12 Upside Down House, Poland

It really sounds crazy, but it is true. If you ever get the chance to visit this strange-looking house, you will find yourself entering from a window in the roof and while you are inside, you will be literally walking all over the ceiling. This house was originally built to be an attraction of tourists to the small village located in Szymbark, Poland.

11 The Piano House, China

You certainly will not argue on the fact that people in China call it “the most romantic building”. It has an interesting shape, being designed in a giant piano instrument with a violin attached to it, from which the tourist enter the building.

10 The Crooked House, UK

This unique shaped building is located in Staffordshire, England. Its name goes perfectly with its distinctive appearance, and it was actually designed that way for attracting people to visit it since it is originally a pub and a restaurant.

9 Lotus Temple, India

This house of worship is located in Delhi, India. It looks quite fascinating since it is designed to resemble the flower called Lotus. A temple that was designed as such has surely won several architectural awards, and definitely was a point of tourist attraction in the city.

8 Crazy House, Vietnam

Hang Nga, is what this building is called in Vietnamese, but it actually gained its popularity as the Crazy House since Vietnamese is a not a language acquired by everyone. It looks like a building you would find in fairy tales as it resembles an enormous tree that is full of colorful paintings and designs. Gladly, the house is open for tourists to visit.

7 Kansas City Library

From the name of the building, you can easily guess that it is located in Kansas, USA. It is the central library, and it is creatively designed to resemble a number of huge books shelved beside one another. There is no need to illustrate why it is placed on this list, for you do not usually come across a library that looks that way.

6 Nautilus House, Mexico

This amazingly designed building is located in Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico. The building is created to resemble the shape of a shell, showing how the architect was totally inspired by the aquatic world during the creation of this design. What makes it very attractive too, is the fact that it is located among other regular buildings, making it stand out among them, and it is also surrounded by a vast natural environment.

5 Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

It is also known as the New Library of Alexandria, and it is located right on the shore of the Mediterranean in Egypt. It is the largest books library in Egypt, and it is designed in a gigantic spherical form that, at first sight, you might mistake it for a large museum.

4 House Attack, Austria

It is originally a museum located in Vienna, Austria. This building is hilariously unusual, and the reason it was called House Attack is due to the fact that there is a small house attached, upside down, to the roof of the museum, making it looks like the house attacked the museum in an attempt to bring it down, but fortunately,it could not, so it got stuck up there for an eternity.

3 Cubic Houses, Netherlands

This is actually a set of ground-breaking tilted cube-shaped houses attached to the roof of other architectural regular buildings. The main purpose of this unconventional design was to make the best use of the interior design of the building. The design of these building seems like a village located within the city.

2 The Church of Hallgrimur, Iceland

This church is considered to be the largest church in Iceland, and one of the tallest buildings that Iceland has ever witnessed. Certainly, its unconventional design made it one of the city most recognizable landmarks, especially that it could be easily seen throughout the city for being the tallest building structure. No wonder it took the architects of this design years to give the world such a beautiful construction.

1 Dancing House, Czech Republic

The dancing house is a beautifully designed building located in Prague, Czech Republic. It is actually designed to bear a resemblance to a dancing couple. The house was originally named Fred & Ginger, who were two famous dancers, but that name is no longer used, and it is more popular under the name of the dancing house.

It is beautiful that the world seems will never stop surprising us with wonderful arts. Sadly, architecture might not be one of the arts noticed by everyone, but that is only because a lot of people have not come across such beautiful structures. And definitely once they do, they will wonder how they ever been so unaware of all these wonders in the world.