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15 Courage Celebrities Who Battled Cancer And Won

Throughout the past years, an increased number of people who were lost after diagnosing with cancer causing horror among people. However, after achieving a great advance in researches, a lot of patients become free from cancer after undergoing the appropriate treatment. Here are 15 celebrities who were able to recover from cancer and regain the beauty of their life.

15 Anastacia

Singer Anastacia has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice, and in 2013 she had to undergo a double mastectomy. Then she began her final stages of recovery. Anastacia has inspired thousands during Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013 after announcing that she was so close to recovery. She also declared how important early detection is as it saved her life twice.

14 Sally Dyvenor

Her soap character, Sally Webster, could help her discover that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. While filming one of the scenes of her story line, her character, Sally Webster, found a lump on her breast. She then asked for a nurse to check it. In May 2014, she published The Pledge Booklet to increase awareness for those undergoing treatment for secondary cancer.

13 Ewan McGregor

The Scottish actor, known for Star Wars, has announced he had a cancer in 2008 after removing a mole from below his right eye. However, he was very positive and did not consider it a big issue. He sarcastically described his cancer as interesting, “It was great fun having skin cancer, it was great, I really enjoyed it” He said.

12 Sofia Vergara

“It brought me down to earth and to realize the important things, also, I started taking more care of my body, to be more healthy.” Sofya Vergarra said to HuffPost Live. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2002 but now she is recovering. Sofia participate in Follow The Script campaign to raise awareness about hypothyroidism and the importance of treatment.

11 Sam Taylor-Johnson

Sam could survive cancer twice, after giving birth to her first daughter, she was diagnosed of colon cancer in 1997. Then, in 2000, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone a mastectomy and six months of chemotherapy. In her interview with the Guardian, Sam’s advice was “Time is Precious”.

10 Cynthia Nixon

In 2006, Cynthia Nixon was diagnosed by breast Cancer. She then underwent a lumpectomy, followed by six weeks of radiation treatment. She announced her story after two years as she did not want her story to go public. Now she is an ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

9 Robert De Niro

In October 2003, Robert De Niro discovered he had prostate cancer although he exerts a great effort to keep his health good, both physically and mentally. He was diagnosed during a regular health check. However, due to his excellent health conditions, he could reach full recovery.

8 Lance Armstrong

In 1996, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and spread to his brain and lungs and it was in a late stage. He faced then another struggle as his team cancelled their cycling contract with him, and became unemployed and without health insurance. However, he could be the champion of the first of seven Tours de France a few years later. He could fight his cancer and win, in addition, he established the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) to fund cancer research and community-based programs for people with cancer.

7 Kylie Minogue

While she was spending her time in Melbourne with her family, Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer. That happened prior to her Australian Showgirl tour. Her tour company announced the cancellation of her tour as she underwent an immediate treatment, and after eight months, she was cancer-free.

6 Fran Drescher

Fran was misdiagnosed with peri-menopausal condition due to some symptoms and she was trying to treat these symptoms. Then, after an endometrial biopsy, she discovered she had a gynecologic cancer. It took her two years and eight doctors to discover that. She underwent hysterectomy procedure and become cancer-free.

5 Christina Applegate

In July 2008, Christina was diagnosed of breast cancer and had undergone a radical double mastectomy. After she became cancer-free, she went on to become a cancer prevention activist to support patients holding this fatal disease.

4 Sheryl Crow

After she went for a routine mammogram, Sheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was lucky as the disease was of an early stage. Then, she underwent a lumpectomy and seven weeks of radiation therapy. Now, Sheryl is free from cancer and is keeping herself more healthier.

3 Giuliana Rancic

Her audience criticized her for being too thin, but Giuliana declared she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her weight loss followed her double mastectomy four years ago. She is proud now to be free from cancer despite her weight loss.

2 Sir Ian McKellen

Mckellen was diagnosed with prostate cancer for six or seven years. He confirmed that he had not any treatment for the disease “but is examined regularly and it is contained.”, he stated.

1 Michael Douglas

Douglas was diagnosed with Stage IV tongue cancer in 2010 after years of smoking and alcohol abuse. After recovering from cancer, he admitted that his visions of the world have been simply altered. “I was just happy to be alive. I was ecstatic.” he said. “It feels like a rebirth after you go through cancer and you come out of it. You feel like you’re a child.