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15+ Best Luxurious and Modern Dining Room Design for 2018

Having a good appetite will guarantee you a delicious and finger licking good meal, but also a warm pleasurable dining room will make a huge difference and warm the atmosphere. Whether gathering with your family for lunch, celebrating Thanksgiving or praying before your Christmas meal, you should make sure that your dining room will serve your purposes and put everything into place. So, we offer you the most delightful dining room designs that will satisfy an amalgam of different tastes and intents.

1 Vintage Dining Rooms

Round dining table with colorful clothing and Chippendale-style chairs give you vintage vibes. Usually, the floral table clothing matches the colorful floral curtains. Further, in order to give it a sense of tranquility-giving vibes, you may paint the wall light blue, light purple or lily lavender. Nothing beat the fifties when it comes to house decorations.

2 Parisian Café Inspired Dining Room

This facetious dining space was designed with Parisian café vibes. A mango wood dining table with classic cabriole legs surrounded by elegant European rattan bistro chairs. Family photographs and vintage objects hung on the walls create a heterogeneous gallery wall among plants and bookshelves, so you can rest in a comfort and cozy space while reading a newspaper and listening to music, while having a cup of coffee.

3 Contemporary Dining Rooms

Antique furnishings and wooden corbels bring both a refined and an easy on the eye look. The blending of traditional and contemporary forms in dining rooms is demonstrated with the heirloom table and chairs and wooden bookshelves. Such a design in intended to incorporate a personal connection, heirloom tables, and modern fabrics recovering the chairs and luxurious chandeliers.

4 Dine like you are in a farmhouse

Who said you cannot combine modern style with farmhouse style?! The fireplace in such an elegant farmhouse brings a cozy mode into the scene. A blue cabinet may add a subtle hue, combining the country with the city. Wooden tables and wooden chairs would complement a plasma TV in your dining room as well.