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14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends

A lot of people have come to believe that home should feel home regardless of its decorations, but actually, the importance of taking care of every bit of your place should always be essential as it has been proven that your interior design plays a great part in impacting your mood. However, your place should feel home anyway, for it is where you retreat to after a long tiring day, that does not change the fact that the atmosphere play role in either lifting your mood up or depressing you down if it happens to be gloomy. On the other hand, progress is taking place in every aspect of our lives, so that could be enough reason to cope with that advancements. As luck would have it, interior designs and home decorations are not excluded from that equation of that fast pace.

New designs are being launched every single day, so people have become pretty much accustomed to that fact, besides, that leaves us faced with a pool of options from which we can get to choose whatever is suitable for us. For all of those who love to keep their homes updated, you will be surprised with all the new trends that are expected to be smoking hot throughout this year; above and beyond, to be honest, no one likes being far behind all of the newly launched trends unaware of what is going on in the world of interior design. A lot of interior designers have stated that this year is hiding a lot of surprises for all the interior design lovers, including brand new stuff along with outdated trends that are making a great comeback, but after undergoing several modifications that have made them muddle through the new trends. Check out this list featuring several trends that have been revealed by interior designers and are expected to come big this year.


Metal could be just a simple piece; however, it is highly capable of making your home quite brighter, giving it a nice sparkling yellow touch. A lot of people consider this trend to be outdated, but on the other hand, interior designers have revealed that this trend will strike once again this year, just like it made a big appearance last year. So, for all of those who have brass in their houses, embrace the trends of your home; they are going to be smoking hot this year.

brass interior design 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 2

interior design brass Luksuzne sobe10 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 3


The color of nature is making a big appearance this year. Is there anything that can give your home a simple touch of nature more than bright green? Of course not, besides, it will give your house a nice revamp. Gladly, it has been revealed that this amazing color is going to be one of the newest trends of the interior designs for this year.

light green interior design 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 4

light green living room 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 5


Bright green may have been a thing this year, but another shade of that color has participated in the competition as well, which is the Avocado green. This color might be one of the trendiest colors now, but the trend itself lies in pairing this color with a nice shade of gold, creating an appealing design. This mixture can easily add a positive vibe to your place and create a relaxing environment. This trend was actually a thing during the 70’s and it has stayed for several decades after, so if you already have any piece in your house brushed with that mix, be grateful because you are already updated.

Home Interiors Ideas Avocado green and gold 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 6


It seems like the green color is not only willing to be the trendiest color for the current and next year, but it is also up for taking over in a way that it never did before. This time, it is not about plain green, but it is about adding a jungle touch in your house by having your walls get covered in prints of tropical jungle leaf, allowing you to enjoy an indoor island within your own place. Above and beyond, this trend comes in the form of printed wallpapers, giving you the opportunity to choose the pattern that works perfectly with your place.

tropical wallpaper 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 7

Tropical Wallpapers 5 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 8


Yes, enough with the dominance of the green, and let us make a way to the color that is deemed to be the new black, which is the navy blue. Black has always been the most competitive color among all of the other colors because it adds elegant and stylish sense to your place. This time, it is the Navy Blue’s turn to take the lead, for it is going to look perfect for any room you would love to add it to. Besides, navy blue is popular for being great at pairing with other colors.

interior design NAVY BLUE 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 9

NAVY BLUE 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 10


Well, since this symbol has been going viral throughout social media platforms, it is hard not to realize what it is. However, in case you are not sure what a mandala is; it is a ritual symbol that has been used in some cultures for traditional purpose, but recently, it has been used as a method for self-therapy, being featured in a lot of coloring books and it has been proven that it works too. On the other hand, that does not change the fact that this symbol also works perfectly as a simple design employed in many interior design ideas. That is a good enough reason to expect it to be one of the hottest trends this year, isn’t it?

mandala prints wallpaper interior design 2 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 11

mandala prints wallpaper interior design 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 12


Black and white has always been the perfect blend between contrasting colors since forever, besides, interior designers expect it to be involved in the hottest trends for this year because it is still as elegant as ever. This mixture of black and white has been ranked to be one of the top trends that will never go out of style due to the sense of sophistication and elegance that it effortlessly reflects.

black white living green accents 1 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 13

interior design black and white 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 14


Vanity may be a trend that has been left behind, but, actually customizing your own vanity that goes perfectly with your decoration has become a thing and it has been revealed that this trend is going to spend this year alongside with all the other newly launched trends. Recently, a lot of homeowners have successfully gained the knowledge of how to convert an old cabinet into one of the most brilliant vanities, giving you the chance to choose its shape and size.

Vanity bathroom mirrors5 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 15

Vanity bathroom mirrors2 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 16


Yes, having your wall designed in a lot of colorful butterflies has become a trend for decorating your home now. It is one of our favorite patterns of designs because it gives your home a happy theme, making your environment look more positive and spread a lot of good vibes in every corner of your house as well.

colorful butterflies home decor Creative Pencil Flower font b Butterfly 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 17

colorful butterflies White background home decor 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 18


This may turn out to be the best news for everyone out there who neither has the time nor the money to decorate their own place with the latest trends, yet wants to stay up-to-date. Exposing the bricks of your walls have become one of the hottest trends, so you can easily cope with all the trending designs without having to spend time or money for doing so, doesn’t that sound great? It may be weird to leave your walls untreated and unpainted, but adding some artwork and designing your place in accordance with these walls can go a long way.

UNTREATED walls 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 19

brick walls interior design 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 20


This is the quickest brush up you can give your home and have it look revamped with the least efforts; adding bizarre lighting. Trending designs are not only limited to furniture pieces, but it can also actually vary from the lighting to the color of your door’s knob. So, paying attention to the lighting of your house is a great idea, for it will help you stay trendy as well. One of the hottest trends is adding bizarre lights and shades to decorate your house, so do not hesitate in installing some few and far between lighting systems here and there around your place.

unusual lighting interior design pretty cool lighting for contemporary living room 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 21

unusual lighting interior design 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 22


Since a lot of colors have been trending this year, it is time to let the shades rest on one of the most angelic colors ever, yes, you guessed that right; it is white. White can make your room look bright and lively; however, interior designs seem to have a different opinion regarding that point; they say that white is great and all, but to make your room look even trendier and more refreshing, it is always better to blend that angelic color with a tone of its shades; off-white. That way, your room will have a warm tone.

contemporary interior design 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 23


Patterns are always a great theme to let it dominate your interior design, but this year, mixed patterns are getting trendier. This trend was actually inspired by trending style in the world of fashion and it turned out to be one of the best schemes to add liveliness and positive vibes to any place.

mix and match patterns focal point 1 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 24

Black and White IKEA Rug 1 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 25


Vintage is usually related to being as sophisticated as it can be. Interior designs are stating that these vintage themes are making an appearance among the hottest trends for this year, so it is going to be great to make your place take a turn in creating a warm environment by mixing between neutral tones and delicate patterns. These designs may be vintage, but that fact does not stop them from being trendy as well, so it is one of the interior designs that are capable of getting the best of both worlds.

vintage interior design 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 26

vintage interior design 2 14 Hottest Interior Designers Trends - 27

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