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The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces

Cameo jewelry, especially brooches and pendants, are elegant and beautiful pieces which are passed down through generations. Most women collect cameo pendants and necklaces to get a feel of the seventeenth-century style of jewelry. If you are fascinated with these pieces of jewelry, you can get cheap cameo necklace styles which are just as gorgeous.

Over the years, the cameo pendants have been modified in many ways from the pendant frame to the silver necklace set. The most prominent change is the introduction of cameo pendants in white gold. Basically, white gold is a combination of yellow gold and a metal, which could be rhodium, palladium or nickel. The result is a gold alloy with a beauty that is almost on the level as the high-quality silver and much cheaper than the gold with pricey gems like diamonds.  This means that you can find cheap cameo pendants in the white gold setting.

In addition, white gold is often made with one type of metal which makes it beautiful and durable enough to withstand scratches and pressure. However, there is a drawback with the white gold because it’s sensitive to harsh chemicals and can look worn out every couple of years. To keep the frame of the cameo pendants beautiful and shiny, you must know how to clean and maintain the white gold so that it can last for many years.

If you decide to buy cheap cameo necklace and pendant in white gold design, the following tips will help you to care for your beautiful jewelry pieces.

You should always clean white gold jewelry with mild cleaning solutions without harmful chemicals because these could damage the gold.  In most cases, white gold will discolor or deteriorate when cleaned with detergents which contain chemicals such as ammonia. The best way to clean white gold is to use soap, water, and a soft toothbrush.

Ensure that you remove your cameo pendant in white gold setting before doing things that could damage to the frame. These include activities like swimming and house chores which involved cleaning with harmful cleaning agents that can impact the beauty of the gold frame.

When storing white gold jewelry, its best to keep them in boxes with felt or cloth bags to avoid scratching with other jewelry, especially the ones with stones that have really sharp edges. In addition, you should keep the cameo pieces in a separate box away from others if you have a large jewelry collection.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to take care of your cheap cameo necklace and pendant in a white gold setting. When shopping for cameo jewelry, you can find low priced pieces at Company. This is one of the most popular online stores where you can get a low price, authentic jewelry pieces from top designers.

gorgeous-Horse-Play-Cameo-Necklace-EXCLUSIVE-to-Cheap The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Gorgeous Horse Play Cameo Necklace EXCLUSIVE to Cheap


EXCLUSIVE-Empress-Cameo-Necklace The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
EXCLUSIVE “Empress” Cameo Necklace


Cheap-Cameo-Pendant-Neckalce-Jewelry The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Cheap Cameo Pendant Necklace


Cameo-Pendant-Necklace-Amethyst-victorian-Cameo-Lady-Pendant-Necklace The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Cameo Pendant Necklace Amethyst “victorian Cameo” Lady Pendant Necklace

Butterfly-Papillon-French-Cameo-Necklace The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Butterfly “Papillon” French Cameo Necklace


Antique-Italian-Lavastone-Cameo-Pendant-Necklace The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Antique Italian “Lavastone” Cameo Pendant Necklace


Antique-Cameo-Gothic-Cross-Necklace The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Antique Cameo Gothic Cross Necklace


This-Galleon-ship-cameo-necklace-is-perfect-for-any-maiden-voyage The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Galleon ship cameo necklace perfect for any maiden voyage


Oralia-Cameo-Necklace The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Oralia Cameo Necklace


Long-Cameo-Necklace.-Brand-Costume-Jewellery-Necklace The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Brand Costume Long Cameo Jewellery Necklace


Hello-Kitty-Cameo-Necklace-features-a-head-portrait-cameo The 13 Most Stylish Cheap Cameo Necklaces
Hello Kitty Cameo Necklace with a head portrait cameo


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