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12 Wedding Day Killer Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The wedding day is no doubt one of the most (of not the ultimate most) important day in every woman’s life, full of pre-arrangements from flower arrangements to guest invitations to where you’ll be seating that certain relative you hate so much. But of course the number one most life threatening decisions of all are “how you will look!”, the dress, the shoes, the makeup and last but not least, The Hair.

Wedding hairstyles often tend to be either soft and simple or the total opposite; super sophisticated. Stylists almost always like to blow-dry your hair straight and then continue on from there. Why? If you’re a girl with curly hair hold onto that with pride. Curly hair styles are becoming very trendy in 2017’s weddings and are sure to give you a more natural, daring look than a normal wavy or dull straight look would. Just make sure you choose the right hair do that will add to your fairytale look of the day. Here are the styles we have suggested for a “killer curls” look.

1 Half up half down

We can’t even begin to explain how much we love this look, the half-up half-down is a timeless wedding style, always tending to give that princess kind of look with hair locks falling smoothly around your face. Adding small flowers will certainly give a bohemian ‘sleeping beauty’ twist to this look. Match the flowers with your wedding dress color or with the flower bouquet, go for a slightly bohemian looking simple dress even if you’d like.

2 PonyTail

We know, when we say ponytail all you can think of is the one you have at the gym. But no, that’s not what we mean. If your hair is thick enough this super dramatic curly pony tail will be just what you need to have all the heads turning on your big day. Pair it with a crystal or pearl hair piece to add the final touch of elegance you need.

3 The Goddess Updo

Even straight haired girls would go curl their hair just to get this look! Both feminine and elegant, it can never fail you. Adding gold leafs may be too traditional but it works well to complete the “Goddesses” look, after all who’d hate to be an Aphrodite on their wedding day? If you don’t like the leafs you could replace them with flower twigs if you want or a hair accessory that has white pearls for example.

4 Fancy Bridal Updo

This style certainly screams “ATTENTION”! Simply drop-dead gorgeous. The hair locks falling around your face will add to the flair and that volume! This hairstyle must be one of our favorites, fit for a miss-worldwide walking on that isle. Adding an accessory won’t be even necessary but a little Bling is never bad anyway. Match this hairdo with a glamorous highly detailed gown and watch your wedding guests as they gaze.

5 Simple loose curls

If you’re not a big fan of all the “fancy” in the previous look though here is a much, much simpler look that could suit your taste. A very modest and natural look, perfect if you are throwing a small wedding with a simple after party. Also if your dress is a full length simple one you should not go for hair that is too detailed to not contrast the look, so this would certainly do the trick.

If you don’t prefer loose curls you could also tighten them a bit and enjoy a cute retro look like the one here.

6 Balayage braided updo

A braid is never out of style, but a balayage braid is just my-oh-my! This style depends on the color more than the do, highlights moving from darker roots to lighter ends give that dreamy mystic look to your hair, it also adds lots of volume and helps bring out the braid.

6 Natural flower crown

This look doesn’t need any sort of ironing; it’s all about looking natural, nearly like a forest fairy. The flower crown never fails to take cuteness to a new level. If you’re having an open-air wedding this would be just perfect, especially if the surroundings have lots of green or a forest-like setting.

This redhead beauty look is also very similar, it almost looks like it’s coming out of an antique Da Vinci painting. If you are blessed by such hair color, add green details to perfect that red flair.

7 Curly Queen

We just LOVE how this look is effortless! It simply gathers those totally natural afro curls in a bun. The accessory here is the main star of the look though so the brighter it shines, the more you’ll pull it off.

8 Bun Pile

We know the name may not be very appealing, but this is what it is! If your hair is not only curly but also rather tall this could be the perfect look for you. Its basically piling up the hair into one enormous bun with massive, sexy volume that will have those female guests all full of envy. If you don’t show off your super amazing thick hair on your wedding day we don’t know when you would.

9 French Braid Flower Twists

Again.. more flowers! They never seem to fail in giving a perfect wedding look. This huge messy French braid is perfect for a sweet, innocent female look. Flowers, white in particular, multiplies that by a hundred.

10 Hawaiian beach curls

This look is nothing but adorable. If you are having a simple beach wedding match this totally natural afro hair with some colorful flowers and a simple chiffon dress and spend your day dancing on the sand with no care for the hairdo getting messed up or your ironed hair getting wet or what so ever.

Or if you have long hair enjoy a spontaneous look by just letting your natural curls dangle on one side.

11 The Hollywood Fame

This look may seem utterly simple, no braids, no twists, not even a single hair accessory but trust is, the simplicity here brings elegance. Walk into your wedding like a Hollywood star killing that red carpet and have no mercy on dem haters. A perfect dress for this would be an ivory white slim one perhaps matched with a bouquet of elegant lilies. Can we here “perfection” please?

12 Go Wild

Our final tip is: if you have a wild personality, let it show! There is nothing wrong with going absolutely wild even on your big day. If all you care for is having fun on the day itself with not a single care then go for this look without a second thought, add a crystal brooch on the side if you want to “give the impression” your being fancier than usual since it is after all, YOUR wedding.

We hope you found that one hairstyle your heart instantly fell in love with, if you didn’t here is a photo gallery with some more ideas. Just remember you don’t HAVE to be super fancy, and you don’t have to be too simple either, all you have to be is comfortable with your look. Good luck with all of your other preparations, we hope we removed the burden of this one.