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12 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

In cold weather, people use the central heating daily in homes, but it is costly as it needs much Fuel. And a cold house, especially for people who live in colder climates areas, is a problem. The cold could be unbearable at night time when temperatures are below standard and in time when the country is exposed to a frosted wave. The houses are very cold in winter as the buildings are not properly constructed in terms of ventilation, So that the house may sometimes be colder than the outside.

To help you reduce this amount of energy bills, meet the carbon reduction commitments and keep homes warm enough in winter, we provide through this article 12 ways to get a warm home in the winter, reduce the extra costs and enjoy the winter season.

1 Tighten the closures of the windows

Always keep the windows closed and seal all the holes that may leak cold air inside the house, especially in living and sleeping areas during the night. However, do not forget to open windows to ventilate and refresh the air in the morning. You can leave the bathrooms, and kitchen windows opened to ventilate the place. And again, make sure there are no openings in the windows, even if small, to avoid crossing the air to the house and feel the warmth inside.

2 Use heavy curtains materials

The sun is the main source of light and warmth, and it is a beneficial way to warm the house. Allow the sun to enter the home in the morning to warm and ventilate your home. And move the heavy curtains at morning, and open the windows to allow the light and heat enter the home in the sunny days. And when the sun disappears, close the curtains. The uncovered windows are the main causes of heat infiltration outside the home. For a warm home, cover the windows and balconies with curtains of heavy fabrics to keep the house warm and prevent cold air from entering.

3 Floor coverings

Floor coverings are one of the effective factors that help in heating the house in the winter. Cover as much floor space as possible, especially the ceramic flooring with carpeting, and use thick materials qualities to feel significantly warmer. Some people specify some curtains and carpets for winter different from summer curtains and carpets.

4 Close unused rooms

Locking the unused rooms is an effective way to keep warmth inside the house during the winter, and that is enough reason to prevent cold air moving inside the house, and keeping your living area warmer.

5 Use candles

For a little warmth, put candles all over your house, and do not think it is ineffective. Small candles can spread warmth in your home. You can choose the beautiful scented species. Choose the types that dissolve within themselves and are equipped with a holder so as not to melt and burn underneath, but do not light and forget them and sleep to avoid fires. Candles work to warm the place, and it is also a means of decoration. It is effortless and beautiful way that gives warmth and lighting to the place, so adopt this decoration trend as much as possible during the winter and enjoy the warmth of it.

6 Cover the walls of the house with decorated carpets

Wall covers help to increase the feeling of warmth. And using the dark colors that absorb the temperature and keep them as long as possible is a good idea. They also form decorative pieces. And do not leave a corner in the house without covering with carpets, as the carpet works as a layer of insulating floors and walls.

7 Use the blankets as mattresses in the bedrooms

Use a light blanket as a bed mattress, as this helps to warm the bed and feel warm at bedtime and sleep. Covering the sofas and couch with blankets during the winter is a significant way to reduce the amount of coolness emitted from the place. And try to keep blanket near to you while you are watching TV, knitting or using your laptop. It will make you feel warm and comfortable in the cold weather, and you will not need to open any source of heating.

8 Choose warm painting colors

Use the warm colors to paint the walls of the home. It will help in keeping warmth inside. As studies have shown that some colors create warmth in different areas such as brown, orange which gives you positive energy, and red, the powerful color that directly affects the psyche of individuals, gives energy and activity. There is also the yellow that spreads feelings of joy and optimism, and it suggests more light than other colors.

9 Fireplaces

Wood burners are considered to be the oldest and first conventional heating methods. It is traditional because it came from the idea of burning wood in the beginning, but developed and became a distinctive landscape that gives a sense of comfort and tranquility to the place. These types of stoves spread in many places and cities where trees and wood are abundant. Just make good use of the branches that will not survive the winter season and use it in the fireplace.

10 Block the chimney

Take the step of blocking the chimney of the fireplace by inserting insulation to reduce the heat loss. And when you want to use it again, don’t forget to take it out and make sure it is opened.

11 Move the furniture away from the radiators

Try to arrange the living room logically; you can move your sofa away from the radiator So that you can get the most out of the source of heat in the place. And that will save the heat and warm in the place. Placing a couch right in front of a radiator is not a good way for retaining heat.

12 Central heating systems

The central heating is considered the most prominent and prevalent method in modern heating systems due to several reasons; the most important of them is the economic cost, in addition to creating a dynamic and refreshing environment at home, and it can live longer. Central heating, from heating places into the homes, uses the technique of transporting steam or hot air by passing through a network of pipes.

Finally, these are simple and inexpensive ways to overcome the cold that surrounds us in the winter and warm up our homes. We are all looking for ways to warm homes so that we can spend some comfortable time at them during the cold season.