12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative

So, you are already done with your working hours, packing your things, and ready to go home after a long exhausting day full of piled documents that never seem to get done, and a handful of endless tasks, what is the first thing you will be thinking about? Well, a shower is an expected answer to this question and it is a perfect one too, but nothing can really beat that imagination when you are already home and ready to throw your tired body over your bed.

It is a world-wide habit that people usually establish a great relationship with their beds on those days when you are forced to leave them. Well, to be honest, beds are great, especially, that they serve a great purpose; sleeping. Beds are easy to recognize, of course, but with all the evolution that all God’s creatures are beholding, beds are no longer the traditional looking ones that everyone is used to seeing. Recently, a lot of beds are being created with inventive ideas and an artistic touch. You will definitely be impressed by all these amazingly creative beds that the world has to offer, check out this list and get yourself introduced to 12 of the most unusual and innovative beds ever.

Well, the name seems to be a bit impressive already, but that is what is referred to with, it is actually known as the Quantum Sleeper, but, anyway, you will actually be more impressed right after knowing why it is referred to that way. Apparently, the name says it all; it is not just a bed; it is built up with a precisely high technology and elite features. You can literally hide in this bed while sleeping as it can be locked, besides, it is also provided with a freshening system along with oxygen sensors; your bed wants to take care of you, so it usually makes sure that you are breathing fine and helps you breathe better, in case you are not. This bed also has an alarm for intruders, so you are protected from burglars and you can sleep soundly and safely. One more impressive thing about this bed of wonders is the fact that it has a toilet that is built in, so you no longer have to get out of your room when an emergency occurs.

21214 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative

We know how strange this actually sounds, but this is not that much different from a real doctor because it is genuinely intended to take care of your sleeping patterns and cure your sleeping disorder. What a caring bed!

It is known as the Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed; it is capable of reducing your snoring if you happen to suffer from them. To make it clear, here is how the bed works; it comes with several sensors that are built in, and their function is to detect the vibration triggered by the sound of the snoring and, accordingly, the bed is tilted to a position that helps you stop snoring. Moreover, the bed has a slot for installing your iPod to listen to your favorite music as well as an internet connection along with settings for temperature.

920x920 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative


For all the bookworms out there, it is time to know that your dream has just been granted by the amazingly creative designer Yusuke Suzuki. He designed a bed that can be folded open to form the shape of a huge book in which you can sleep. Imagine that you are sleeping right inside your favorite book and the pages, in which your favorite lines are written, at night, function as a huge comfort blank along with a lot of mushy pillows where you can rest your head and rest. Oh! There is a fun part too in this amazing book; when you shut it close, it can work as a cozy and entertaining play mat.

07804f5680cedfb4779cc077a83b1934 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative

It is a literal floating bed that is commonly known as the Magnetic Floating Bed; it is created with magnets that are built into it and they are massive enough to keep the bed hanging in the air. It does not matter whether you are a young person or an old one, you will not help but fall in love with this flying bed because it is really cool and fabulous.

bg 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
Janjaap-Ruijssenaars-Magic-Moments-in-Floating-Bed-2 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
Janjaap-Ruijssenaars-Magic-Moments-in-Floating-Bed-1 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative


You cannot help but think about how delicious this bed looks. It is made of a rounded base that is designed to look like the lower bun and a piece of a burger while the blanket, a rounded one as well, serves as the upper bun all along with the sheets that look like a delicious cheese and the pickles like pillows. Since it actually looks that yummy, you might inadvertently catch yourself stuffing the pillows and the blankets all inside your mouth.

3765093721_7056c142dd_b 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
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hamburger-bed 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative


This could be the best bed you will ever need, for it is fun, manageable, and comfy. Now, you no longer have to be at the beach or on an island to enjoy sleeping in a hammock, you can have it at your own place inside your own room. What is makes this bed very beneficial is the fact that you are capable of taking it down if you happen to need more space for whatever, besides, you do not have to struggle while cleaning underneath it because it is already floating.

14-best-indoor-hammock-designs-for-any-room-size-on-a-budget-hammock-bed-indoor1 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
Hammock-Bed-Indoor-Ideas-round-hanging-hammock-bed 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative

indoor-hammock-bed-decor 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative


It might not be the best looking bed on this list, but that does not make it any less fascinating because having a toilet right beside you is just amazing. The bed is originally designed for those who suffer from any physical disabilities, but it can also be useful for those who constantly feel the urge to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and get their sleep interrupted.

dignitybed03 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
dignitybed02 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
dignitybed01 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative


Well, every one of us has possibly imagined being any other creature than a human being at some point in their lives, but this bed is, in particular, created for those who have always wanted to be little birds. It is shaped as a huge nest of a bird where you get to sleep inside of it with a bunch of colored mushy pillows that look like colored eggs.

Birdsnest-Easter_01 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
giantbirdnest2 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
the-birds-nest-bed-2983 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative


It looks a bit weird and uncomfortable and, to be honest, it really is not any comfortable unless you sleep like an unmoving dead corpse. The mattress attached to the bed is created in the shape of a fetal position; it might be a comfy position to falling asleep in, but it does not necessarily mean that you will be satisfied to wake up due to knocking your head onto the ground.

fetalbed 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative

This bed serves as a smart space saver, for it can be used as both a bed and a sofa, and that is pretty obvious from the title. What is more impressive about this bed is that it does not only transform into a sofa but, in fact, with some simple movements, you can get one more bed in a higher position that is supported with a ladder. And here, you can enjoy almost three pieces of furniture, taking a space of only one.

856f3f9ef31afbb9cd58553d14e7380a 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
Grey-Sectional-Sleeper-Sofa-leather-Sectional-Sleeper-Sofa-Bed 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
sofa-bed 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative


The Scoop is another sofa bed, but with a bit different shape. As a bed, it is a small rounded one. But by separating those two semicircles, you get to have two sofas. The idea is very contemporary and it works great for those people who are not lucky enough to have a large space.

saba-italia-Scoop-Tondo-69386.XL_ 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
the-scoop-bed 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative


Well, no wonder this bed is called “Feel the Deluxe” because you actually get to feel this luxurious touch right at the moment you sit on that cozy bed that is made of almost 120 mushy and softballs. Nothing can actually feel more comfortable or look more creative than that.

blue-feel-deluxe-2 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
Feel_Seating_Deluxe_Animi_Causa_2-800x450 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative
red-feel-deluxe-13 12 Unusual Beds That are Innovative

Okay, it seems like the world will never stop surprising us with all those amazing and innovative stuff that keeps coming up all the time, but after seeing those fabulous, we can actually say we are ready for more, are not we?

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