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12 Unusual Sunglasses trends in 2018

Sunglasses have always been great fashion accessories that compliment your looks, regardless of what kind of outfit you are wearing. They are great looking, and almost everyone likes to throw a pair of them on their eyes every once in a while, if not every single morning. Besides, sunglasses are not only fashionable accessories, but they are also great protectors for your eyes, especially, on hot sunny days, they will block the sun out. Throughout the years, sunglasses are no longer a classical pair of shades, but actually, designers have succeeded in taking the shapes of the frames to a whole new level. Sunglasses now are tools to reflect your personality through the design you pick up for yourself, and these new shapes add a layer to your mysterious side as well. Check out this list of the most outrageous sunglasses ever existed, and get to choose whatever suits your eccentric personality.

1 Melting/Dripping Sunglasses

These sunglasses have been around since 2008, and it maintained its popularity all the way through 2009. They seem as if they are melting off your face, and dripping down. Their unusual look is what made them that popular, besides, they can be perfect for a costume party.

2 Pearl Sunglasses

Here is an unusual pair of sunglasses that is most preferable by females; they are entirely covered in pearls which, consequently, raises its price drastically, but, to be honest, they are worth it, for they are capable of transforming your style from classical to unconventional yet maintaining your elegance.

3 Chain Fringe Sunglasses

These sunglasses contain tiny chains that are made in fringes, making them look strange and unusual. They are made of gold, so they are, definitely, expected to be very expensive, and that is also because they are made by the famous designers like Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag.

4 Unibrow/Line Sunglasses

With this design, sunglasses are not a pair anymore. The line, or the unibrow, sunglasses will make you look as if you have been in the X-men movie, and your glasses are powerful. They are very unique, and upon wearing them, people won’t help but stare at you.

5 Lego Sunglasses

You probably feel nostalgic to those days when you were a carefree child; the Lego sunglasses might help you restore these amazing feelings, for they look as interesting as playing with those Lego was. They sunglasses takes you to the future’s great advancements as well as the past’s innocent feelings. Wear them on, and expose your playful personality.

6 Hi-Tech Sunglasses

Here are unconventional sunglasses provided by an MP3 Bluetooth. They are very practical since you can put on your trendy sunglasses, and listen to your favorite music without having to worry about the tangles of the earphones anymore.

7 Lace Sunglasses

These sunglasses are entirely covered in lace, making them look very fashionable. They are from, Chanel, so, definitely, they are as stylish as expected and expensive too.

8 Coffee Sunglasses

If you are a coffee lover, you will certainly fall in love with these sunglasses. You can wear this pair of sunglasses to expose your passion for everyone to see, and you can also let coffee take the lead in protecting your eyes from the sun, just as it does when it excites your soul.

9 Beak Sunglasses

They might look very silly, but we can’t deny how creative it is. Besides, they are capable of protecting your nose from the harmful sun too, especially, if you have forgotten your sunblock at home.

10 EYE See You Sunglasses

As the pun goes, these sunglasses are covered in eyeballs that look like they are watching everyone around, and that is probably why they were named that way. Put this pair of shades in, and freak people out every time you pass by them.

11 Pierced Eyewear

If you normally wear glasses, so you definitely hate when the glasses slide off of your nose. They are frameless eyeglasses that get pierced into your nose, so they won’t fall off, and you can also add some shades to it to work for both morning and night.

12 Pixel Frames

Remember those arcade games that we used to enjoy as little kids? They are made into sunglasses now. They look very unique, creative, and new. They are also available in different colors.