Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

Winter is almost here, and few things can freshen you on its gloomy cold days like a powerful fragrance can do. Fall/winter scents are generally sensual, spicy, and aromatic, with breezy tones of floral and green. Updating your perfume set of fall/winter seems a joyous thing to do, yet it can be challenging with the variety of essences out there, whether new or classic.

Therefore, Pouted online magazine presents 12 of the hottest fall and winter fragrances for women. The selections are inspired by user ratings on trusted websites like Fragrantica, Sephora, and Influenster, along with reliable fall/winter fragrance lists of Forbes, Elle, and Harpersbazaar.

1 NARS Audacious

Released in 2021, Audacious fragrance is among the latest in the world of perfumes. It is a composition of white floral, woody, and balsamic main accords with a sweet tone. The powerful scent includes top notes of incense and frangipani; middle notes of ylang-ylang, Tiare flower, and sandalwood; a base of cedar and white musk.
Fragrantica 4.2/5

NARS-Audacious-fragrance-e1575015277117-675x530 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

2 Joya Composition No. 6

Composition No. 6 by Joya is a perfume oil of woody, aromatic, green, spicy, and marine accords. It has top notes of yuzu, juniper, and cypress. The heart of the fragrance consists of lotus, aquatic, and green leaves notes, and the base is of cedar, amber, grass, and vetiver. The mysterious, stone-like black porcelain bottle is as fantastic as the scent itself, and it includes a 22-karat-gold-plated perfume wand. Composition No. 6 was rated the first on Forbes’s list of best new women’s perfumes for fall 2019.
Fragrantica 4.2

Joya-Composition-No.-6-Parfum-675x483 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

3 Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Mon Guerlain is a mix of soft and powerful accords that is meant to express modern feminity, which combines gentleness and strength. Guerlin was inspired by Angelina Jolie, whom they chose to be the face of the 2017-released fragrance. The rich composition includes lavender and bergamot as top notes; jasmine sambac, iris, and rose in the heart, and as a base, there are notes of vanilla, sandalwood, benzoin, licorice, and patchouli.
Sephora 4.4, Fragrantica 4

Mon-Guerlain-Eau-de-Parfum-675x675 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

4 Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD Extrait de Parfum

Oud Extrait de Parfum is a unisex fragrance that includes spicy, balsamic, vanilla, and musky accords. It is a sensual, oriental, olfactory scent that comprises unconventional notes. There are saffron and elemi resin as top notes, cedar, in the heart of the perfume are ambrette or musk mallow, and vanilla. The base is of Laotian oud and Indonesian patchouli. It is a powerful fragrance of heavy sillage and quite high longevity. Oud Extrait de Parfum is the second on Forbes’s list of best new fragrances for women in fall 2019.
Fragrantica 4.4/5, Parfumo 7.9/10

OUD-Extrait-de-Parfum-675x675 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

5 Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break

Replica Coffee Break appeared in 2019, and it has grown trendy in a short time. It has an attractive combination of aromatic, coffee, and milky accords. The fragrance includes essences of roasted Arabic coffee beans, milk, and lavender. It is a unisex scent that makes you feel as if you are sitting in a coffee shop. Coffee Break is of a moderate to heavy sillage and average longevity.
Fragrantica 3.9, Nordstorm 4.3

Maison-Margiela-Replica-Coffee-Break-675x898 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

6 Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau De Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent launched this new oriental fragrance in 2019, and Libre Eau de Parfum has rapidly grown popular among many ladies. It is a composition of floral, aromatic, citrus, spicy accords with gourmands tones. Mandarin orange, lavender, black currant, petitgrain are there as top notes; jasmine and orange blossom form the heart, and the base consists of vanilla, cedar, ambergris, and musk. It is a sexy warm perfume and, therefore, suitable for the cold seasons.
Fragrantica 3.5, Influernster 4.7

Yves-Saint-Laurent-Libre-Eau-De-Parfum Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

7 Diptyque Essences Insensees Eau de Parfum

Essence Insensees Eau de Parfum is a new edition of Essence Insensees launched in 2019. It is a unisex floral fragrance of white floral, green, vanilla, sweet, and soft and warm spicy accords. It is a composition that awakes and freshens senses with top notes of green and pink pepper, middle notes of tiare and frangipani flowers, and base notes of vanilla and spices.
Fragrantica 3.3

Diptyque-Essences-Insensees-Eau-de-Parfum-675x421 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

8 Lancôme Idôle Eau De Parfum

Idôle Eau De Parfum is a composition of rose, fruity, and musky scents that Lancôme also launched in 2019. It has citrus fruity top notes of bergamot and pear, a rosy heart of Turkish rose, rose de Mai, and Indian jasmine. A combination of white musk and vanilla make the base of the fragrance. Idôle is long-lasting and of moderate to high sillage, according to the reviewer votes on Fragrantica.
Influenster 4.7, Fragrantica 3.2

Lancôme-Idôle-Eau-De-Parfum-675x675 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

9 Rochas Byzance Eau De Toilette

This one is a new version of the classic perfume that Rochas launched in 1987. Byzance is an oriental spicy floral fragrance that includes rich layers of notes. It opens with notes of spices, carnation, mandarin, lemon, basil, and cardamom. The heart is a combination of tuberose, orris root, jasmine, Turkish rose, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, and anise. The base is of sandalwood, amber, musk, vanilla, heliotrope, and cedar. The composition is of heavy sillage and high longevity.
Fragrantica 4.1

Rochas-Byzance-Eau-De-Toilette-675x660 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

10 Burberry Her Intense Eau de Parfum

Her Intense Eau de Parfum is a mixture of fruity, balsamic, and gourmand accords. The dimensional combination of light and heavy scents makes it a perfect fragrance choice for fall/winter. The new composition consists of blackberry and red fruits as top notes, then jasmine in the middle and the base is of benzoin. It is long-lasting with moderate to heavy sillage.
Fragrantica 3.9, John Lewis 4.6

Burberry-Her-Intense-Eau-de-Parfum-675x629 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

11 Prada La Femme Intense Eau de Parfum

Prada launched La Femme was in 2016 then released La Femme Intense in 2017 as a richer and more intensified version of the original fragrance. It is a sexy, sensual composition of floral and woody main accords. Frangipani and ylang-ylang are there as top notes, tuberose, orange blossom, and jasmine sambac are the heart. The base notes consist of patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, and iris. La Femme Intense Eau de Parfum is long-lasting of moderate to heavy sillage.
Fragrantica 4

Prada-La-Femme-Intense-Eau-de-Parfum-675x1475 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

12 Chanel Paris-Riviera Eau De Toilette

As its name suggests, Paris-Riviera bears the essence of warm sand and sunny days. It is suitable for fall as a transitional period between the hot and cold seasons. You can even use it from time to time in winters to shed some brightness on cold, gloomy days. The new fragrance is of citrus, floral, balsamic, and woody main accords. Orange peel and florals form the top notes, while the floral heart is of neroli and jasmine. The deep rich base is of benzoin and sandalwood.
Fragrantica 4.1/5, Parfumo 8.3/10

Chanel-Paris-Riviera-Eau-De-Toilette-675x452 Top 12 Hottest Fall / Winter Fragrances for Women

These were twelve of the best fragrance options for ladies that have been trendy this fall and are expected to continue big in winter 2020.

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