12 Helpful Grooming Tips For Women in Traditional Workplaces

The workplace plays an important role in our lives. It is here where most of us derive our livelihoods from. For services rendered, you get a decent pay that allows you to pay house bills such as rent, power, gas and groceries shopping. The workplace, therefore, deserves a lot of respect considering the role it plays in our lives. How you behave and present yourself at the workplace influences how your workmates, bosses and clients perceive you. It is, therefore, very important to behave honorably at the workplace. This will allow you to make a lasting impression with clients and climb the corporate ladder as well. Men have it easy when it comes to grooming and self-presentation at the workplace. Women, on the other hand, have lots of rules associated to grooming and etiquette that can lead to workplace and career fails when they are not adhered to. In this piece, we highlight several grooming guidelines for women at the workplace.

1 Clean yourself up:

As a woman, water should be your best friend. You should drink enough of it on a daily basis and use it for bathing as well. You should never leave for work without taking a shower. Your clothes should also be sparkling clean and well pressed. People will think less of you when you arrive at work in dirty clothes. Your body odor should also not be evident and a good bath with soap and water will help you keep it at bay. If you have a strong body odor that is present even after a normal bath, then you should consider scented and special soaps. Women are scrutinized highly than their male counterparts at the workplace and you could be dismissed if you are not well-groomed. Don’t let your body odor make you a victim of the flawed workplace system.

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2 Dress for success:

The environment at the workplace should be kept conducive for business transactions. Inappropriate dress codes interfere with this environment by getting people to think of other things that are not related to work. Women are the biggest culprit of this more than men due to their revealing clothes and inappropriate styles. Women should dress decently at the workplace. Your skirts should not be too short and neither should they be too tight. The workplace is also not the right place to show your cleavage as this can be very distracting for your male colleagues. What I am trying to say is, don’t dress too sexy when you are heading to work.

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3 Well-manicured nails:

When at the workplace, your nails should be short, clean and well done. Use nail polish that is not too bright so as to avoid unnecessary attention. Ladies sometimes get nail extensions to achieve longer nails. You can get nail extensions but they should not be too long such that basic office assignments such as writing and typing become difficult.

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4 Keep body hair to a minimum:

If you wear skirts to work, then you should make an effort to shave or wax as often as possible. Body hair is unattractive, especially for a lady, and it could affect your morale.This has a direct effect on your productivity at work and it makes maintaining a hairless body at the workplace very important. If you wear sleeveless tops and dresses to work, shave your armpit hairs as often as possible to maintain a clean and attractive look as you go about your operations at the office.

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5 Bad breath:

Bad breath is a condition that affects most people. It is quite embarrassing and it could be the reason you workmates are not interested in collaborating with you on projects. Bad breath is caused primarily by poor oral hygiene and you get to deal with it by flossing several times a day. If the condition persists,even with the best dental hygiene practices, then you should see your dentist for professional attention.

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6 Strong scents are not welcomed at the workplace:

Almost every woman walks with perfume in their handbags. Women should smell good and perfumes are a great way to achieve that. However, overdoing perfumes when you are heading to work is a big NO! Scents can cause allergies and you wouldn’t want to be the reason why your workmates seem to be getting allergic reactions. The rule when it comes to perfume application is to wear it lightly such that the only way someone can feel it is when they reach for a hug.

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7 Keep jewelry to a minimum:

Jewelry is welcomed at the workplace but you should wear them respectably. Avoid loud and obnoxious jewelry pieces when heading to work. Your earrings should not go beyond the ear lobes. If you have to wear neck pieces, pick simple necklaces that complement your attire. The watch you wear should also not be outrageous as well. It should be simple and so should any bracelets that you choose to wear.

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8 Moisturize your skin:

Dry flaky skin can affect anyone of us. It can be brought about by exposure to harsh weather conditions or by using the wrong cosmetic products. When you are at the office you should ensure that your skin is soft, supple and inviting. Moisturize as often as you can and always carry a moisturizer in your purse for emergencies.

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9 Simple hairstyles for the office:

Simple hairstyles are the best for the office. If you have to dye your hair, use neutral colors and avoid those that too bright such as shades of blue, red or green. Such colors will only draw unnecessary attention to you and distract your colleagues from going on with their jobs. Your hair extensions should be in neutral colors as well.

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10 Wear the right shoes:

Heels are the preferred workplace shoes for women. However, before you rock your heels to work, make sure that you cancomfortablywalk in them for the entire day. Opt for low shoes if you will be spending a lot of time on your feet.

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11 Cover up eye circles:

If you didn’t get enough sleep the previous night for whatever reason, you will probably wake up with dark circles under your eyes. You, however, cannot go to work looking like that. Before leaving your house, make sure that you cover those circles with mascara for a fresh and less-tired look. To avoid dark circles in the future, get enough sleep, preferably 8 hours every day.

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12 Makeup basics for the workplace:

Too much makeup is not ideal for the workplace. Not only does it make you appear unprofessional, it is quite distracting as well. No makeup at all is also not recommended when you are going to work as it makes you appear tired and worn out. The best way to wear makeup at the workplace is to do it moderately. You should also wear healthy makeup that stays on you for a long time without falling off. Your best bet in this regard is mineral makeup that nourishes your skin and gives you an amazing glow for the entire day. Avoid bold and loud colors for your makeup such as blue eyeshadow and thick red lipstick.

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