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Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products

Have you ever wondered why most of the people prefer the summer season?
For a lot of reasons sure. It is the time of the year when you get to spend long days on the beach, wear your favorite comfy outfits, have lighter hair color, and simply enjoy life. Everything seems much simpler during the hot days. Not to mention the fact that during sunny days, you feel that positive energy in the atmosphere. And, oh! Have we forgotten to bring up the fact that it is the “getting tanned” season? These are more than enough reasons to definitely make it the favorite season for almost everyone, thanks to the sun; it seems to be able to work wonders in our universe.

However, the sun is more capable of just giving us tan and warm days, there are entire projects that depend solely on solar power. You probably have heard about solar-powered projects, but this time we are introducing you to some new ideas where this solar energy is used in. Check them out.

12 Solar bonsai tree

It may look like a perfect widget that you could use for decoration at home, but it is actually more than that. However, it still plays a great part in decorating your home, especially that you get the chance to build the tree as you wish, and if you ever get bored, just rearrange its branches and get a new design. That is not the only purpose it serves, but actually these branches are provided with several solar panels; these panels charge a built-in battery, allowing you to connect your gadgets to it without having to worry about charging any batteries.

Solar Bonsai Tree Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 2

Solar Bonsai Tree2 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 3

11 Solar balloons

These balloons are actually as weird as they sound, but they are true; floating balloons powered by the energy of the sun, that is exactly what they are. Technically, they are hot air balloons, but always available in black for a scientific reason; the black material helps in absorbing the heat, consequently the hot air inside inflates the balloon with a density lower than the outside air, so it floats.

Solar Balloon Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 4

Solar Balloon2 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 5

10 Solar tents

For all the camping lovers out there, this astounding invention was meant to be for you. Primarily, these tents were designed for holding night musical festivals, but then they came up with smaller tents for those who would love to have them while they are camping. How do they work? They are essentially designed to absorb the sun’s energy during the daytime and restore it, so it can be able to enlighten at night when it is completely dark.

Solar Powered Tent Orange Concept Tent Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 6

Glowing Camping Tent Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 7

9 Solar string lights

We all are already familiar with those colorful string lights used for enjoying a relaxing dim light in the backyard or the terrace if you have one. Well, these ones are typically similar to ordinary ones except that they use solar energy instead of electricity. Solar-powered gadgets are always expected to be expensive, and that is true, but if you can save some money for getting this eco-friendly lighting system, do not hesitate, for it is going to be a great deal for saving money over time, plus they look extremely delightful.

LED Solar Powered G40 Garden String Lights Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 8

Solar String Lights Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 9

Solar String Lights Pale and Clammy Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 10

8 Solar Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom is a set of long and large flowers that are provided with solar panels at their very top part and can be found at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. These panels absorb the solar energy, restore it and at night this energy is used, making the flowers blossom, shine, and sing, highly attracting people toward it.

Solar Sonic Bloom Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 11

Solar Sonic Bloom2 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 12

Solar Sonic Bloom3 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 13

7 Solar radio

It is obvious and clear from its name; this radio does not need batteries or power sources in order to work, instead, it recharges itself, using the energy emitting from the sun. Although it might not be that abundant or highly used by people nowadays, it was an essential device for those who live in quiet out-of-the-way places, in the past; the ones who were totally unaware of the world’s everyday incidents, so these radios were primarily made for keeping them updated with what everyone else in the crowded areas are informed of. These people must have been grateful for the sun since it was the main reason they were updated with the same knowledge as everyone else, no matter how far they had been.

Solar Radio Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 14

Solar Radio2 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 15

6 Solar furniture

If you have a relatively large backyard or terrace about your house, forget about the regular pieces of furniture, and consider those ones that glow at night and give your place a nice shimmering touch. Usually, things that shine and illuminate are considered cool, even if they are just things that are as regular as a furniture piece. But imagine sitting on a chair that is glowing underneath you, isn’t it cool?

Solar Furniture Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 16

Solar Furniture2 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 17

Solar Furniture4 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 18

5 Solar laptop

Here is a laptop that is made specifically for those who constantly need it, whether for work or for other purposes; a laptop that is powered by solar energy. This laptop comes with a battery on which there is a solar panel, making it recharge itself in the sun, so you no longer have to worry about your computer’s battery dying and keep on using it relaxedly.

Solar Laptop Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 19

Solar Laptop2 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 20

4 Solar Bike Locks

This might be the best invention for the lovers of riding bikes, instead of getting stuck in the traffic jam, and to keep their bodies in shape as well; the solar bike lock. Here is what is so special about it, this lock is provided with solar panels that keep it charged for as long as a week. You are still wondering why you would need to charge your bike lock anyway, right? Well, here is why; this lock is provided with Bluetooth that allows you to control it through your smartphone, not only that but also it will let you know if someone is trying to mess with your special bike, so you can go and save it. This lock is also said to be having the capability of sending alerts to those who can help you if you ever happen to get into an unfortunate accident.

Solar Bike Lock2 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 21

Solar Bike Lock3 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 22

3 Solar watches

Solar-powered watches are pretty cool, right? But no, the purpose this time is not storing the solar energy for it to glow at night, why would you need a glowing watch, anyway? The watch contains panels that absorb energy from the sun, so you do not have to go and change the battery when it dies. In that case, the chances of you having a dead battery in your watch are as good as those of the sun not rising the next morning.

Solar Watch2 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 23

Solar Watch Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 24

2 Solar clothes dryer

If you prefer old-fashioned stuff, this one is not going to mess with your usual routine in hanging your clothes on a line to dry, you can still do that. What makes that solar clothes dryer special, is the rounded solar panel existing in the middle; it helps in making the dryer rotates in the sun, so none of your clothes stays away from the sun, and they are dry in an even way.

Solar clothes dryer Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 25

Solar clothes dryer2 Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 26

1 Solar Backpacks

Solar Backpacks should be one of your essential stuff if you are one of those constant travelers. These backpacks are provided with solar panels as well as adapters; they store energy that you can use later for charging your electronic devices, whether your cell phone, mp3 player or even the laptop.

solar backpack Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 27

Solar Backpack Top 12 Unusual Solar-Powered Products - 28

For a long time, almost everyone was aware of the solar panels and their use in lighting purposes and as great power savers, but we should actually be grateful for the sun because it has been providing us not only with warmth and light but power-free tools and cool inventions as well.

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