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11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends

Having a place where you can let go of all your responsibilities and just lay down is one of the best feelings that you can experience, especially if you are an always busy person; One of the best, really, but not the only one. Do you want to know what can be more relaxing and peaceful? Definitely, we all would love to know. Well, having a decoration that resembles your taste will drastically elevate your feeling of peacefulness and relaxation. We are not saying that haphazardly; it is a fact that has been proven by a lot of researchers and studies; besides, a science that knows all about the human’s self, as psychology, can hardly go wrong. All psychologists agree on the fact that your home decoration can have a great contribution to your positive view of life and feeling of happiness.

Deciding the best décor that you should go with might feel a little overwhelming, so here, we are providing you with the best ideas and they are mainly all about turning your home rustic, but why rustic? Because rustic décor is simple, natural, and affordable by almost everyone; besides, it is the easiest décor that you can easily DIY, no matter what your creativity level and skills to create things are. We have to admit that the DIY projects that have been going viral on the internet have saved everyone a fat fortune; and when it comes to rustic décor, there are common materials that you can easily acquire and use, including wood, twigs, rope, mason jars, twines, branches, and stumps, which are obtainable and affordable. In this article, you will be introduced to several ideas which you can apply to alter your home decoration with the easiest and cheapest ways possible.

11  Faux vintage door upgrade 

Your door is one of the most noticeable pieces in your house, so there is nothing wrong with changing and revving its appearance up if you happen to be bored of it. Your door can be rustic just as the rest of your house; all you are going to need is to turn it into a wooden door that looks impressive and vintage. However, trying to do this all by yourself can require a lot of effort as well as time and you might be short on that, so you can ask for some help or let a carpenter do it for you with a reasonable price. Do not hesitate in doing so if you are bored with your own door, for the results are really worth it.

rustic door 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 2

rustic door 2 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 3

10  Rustic shutters 

We all know that curtains and blinds play a great role when it comes to modern or classic decoration, right? They are like the accessories of the room and they usually add a nice texture to a plain room as well, but these are not what you need if you are in an attempt to turn your home into a rural, country-looking one, so here is a trendy alternative that you can go with for a nice countryside-looking home; rustic shutters. They actually look dashing and chic.

rustic shutters 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 4

rustic shutter 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 5

9  Rustic headboard 

Your bedroom may need a rustic revamp too, right? Well, you have a variety of options when it comes to creating rustic stuff for the bedroom, but if you are really up to a drastic change in the appearance without changing a lot of things, then you should consider having a new bed rail which you can give your own bedroom a nice rural touch. Rustic headboards can look like a barn door and they are actually easy to be created; all you are going to need is just wooden pallet boards and that is almost everything.

rustic bed rail 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 6

rustic master bedroom with crown molding 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 7

8  Farmhouse coffee table 

Your living room should have the same theme of the rest of your house or else, things will look ridiculous if you have some of your house furniture pieces looking luxuriously modern and others that look rustic, however, there is nothing wrong with combining different styles of décor; just make sure that the combination is matching and creating a contrast. Anyhow, you might need a wooden coffee table in your living room to complete the design of your house, right? Well, you can either purchase one with a reasonable price since it is actually simple or you can easily DIY it; all you are going to need is some cheap wood, adhere that is used for construction and a stain. Then, cut the wood into the desirable size, stick the pieces together, then apply the stain and wait for it to dry. It is actually as simple as it sounds and the results are terrific.

White Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 8

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 9

7  Pastoral rope serving tray 

Modern trays are elegant and chic when it comes to their looks, but nothing can actually beat this vintage wooden stuff that is used for serving as well. If you want a serving tray that looks vintage, you can easily obtain it by doing it all by yourself. Here are the materials that you are going to need; a rope, of course, foam core board, spray paint, and a glue gun. It is so easy to do; first, cut the foam core board into your desirable shape and then you can add a paint or colored paper if you want, or just leave it as it is. Now, get the glue gun and use it around the edges of the foam core board, make sure you do not get into the center of the board, then start adding the rope around the glued parts in layers, gluing into layer into the other. Once you are done coiling up your rope, cut two small-length ropes in order to create the tray’s handles and glue them inside the layered ropes. And here you go, you now have a nice, vintage, rustic rope serving tray.

rustic rope serving tray 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 10

Pastoral rope serving tray 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 11

6  Twine wrapped cabinet handles 

The handles of your cabinet can have a role in adding a rustic look to your place just as much as everything, but the best thing about those handles is the fact that they do not need any effort to be done; all you are going to need is just a ball of twine, which is pretty inexpensive to purchase and abundant as well. Once you get the twine, update your cabinets by wrapping the twines around the handles and gluing them, so your kitchen gets to have a portion of all the rustic updates that you are doing to your house, besides; this is definitely the easiest project to DIY among all of them, isn’t it?

anthropologie fixed rope handle 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 12

jackjill16 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 13

5  Wooden floating shelves 
Shelves are an amazing way to exhibit your lovely stuff and your family’s cute pictures, not to mention that the floating shelves are way more amazing than the regular ones, especially for the nice renovation they add to your room. Therefore, aim to have wooden floating shelves in your living room on which you can put some cute pictures and decorative materials. They are easy to DIY; you will just have to get some cheap wood, cut it to the size you want, stain it, and wait for it to dry. Once they are dry, they are ready to adhere to your walls.

floating shelves 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 14

Floating Shelves Mantel 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 15

4  Paint stick flower box 

Do you have paint sticks that are left unused? If the answer is yes, then good for you, and if it is a no, then no problem, for you can easily purchase them. Ok, once you have these sticks, you will need, as usual, stain to spray it on them in order to glaze their looks, then create an easy box where you can place flowers or a pot of plants in it.

diy paint stir stick flower 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 16

diy paint stir stick flower box 2 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 17

3  Twine light bulb pears 

These Twine Light Bulb Pears work as a great cornerstone that you can place anywhere and still get a nice rustic revamp, whether by putting them in a bowl for decoration, attaching a paper leaf to use as a place setting, or just display them with whichever way you believe to be perfect. The materials that are needed for creating this easy project are easy to obtain as they are a household light bulb, glue gun, twine, and some small twigs. Once you have all of these supplies, you can start crafting; begin your project by forming a small circle with the twine; you may use some hot glue in order to keep the circle in place then glue it into the center top of the light bulb, then resume your wrapping process by making the tight circle bigger and bigger until the bulb is fully covered; finally, add the twig into its top and your twine wrapped light bulb is ready.

Twine light bulb pears 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 18

diy twine light bulb pears 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 19

2  Pallet wall rack 

Let us just agree on the fact that racks are important for hanging whatever stuff you want it to be always reached, right? Well, if that is the case with you, start DIY-ing a wall rack that you can use at the door where you can hang your purse and coat, in the kitchen where you hang your knives and other gadgets, or even near the dining table where you can keep your wine nearby as well as the glasses you will need for having a drink; you get to choose whatever is suitable for you. All that you are actually going to need is some sanded planks of wood and create the rack according to the purpose you are going to use them for.

Pallet wall rack 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 20

Pallet wall rack 2 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 21

1  Twine lantern 

It seems that the twine turned out to be so handy and versatile that you can almost use it to create anything. Well, you can use them for creating beautiful lanterns to light up your nights too and it is actually very easy. You will need lights that are similar to Christmas ones, twine, for sure, balloons, and any adhesive material. This project is very easy to do. It might require some time, but the results are terrific.

Twine lanterns 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 22

Twine lanterns 2 11 Charming Rustic Home Decors & Living Sets Trends - 23

Now that you have all of these rustic ideas, it is totally up to you to either use all of them and have a full rustic house or only use the ideas that pique your interest the most. Either way, you will turn your home into an elegant place with the slightest changes.

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