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10 Most Unusual Restaurants in The World 2018

When it is time to spend some quality times with your loved ones outdoor, restaurants are usually your very first choice, right? Well, definitely, yes is the answer for most of the people. Have you ever wondered what exactly the reason is behind having the restaurants as the first options to retreat to when we want to hang out to celebrate? Yes, food is an amazing way to celebrate things and enjoy your time; in fact, it is the best way ever because the food is delicious. But sometimes, it is actually more than just the food that gets us to go to the restaurants; it could be the feeling of belonging if you happen to constantly visit the same restaurant or, on the other hand, it could be your love for exploring new places and getting to try new kinds of food. All of these are totally right, but if you are not that kind of person, you still cannot deny that if you happen to see a restaurant that looks strange and unique, you will definitely like to go inside and see what it holds. In the following list, you will be introduced to a lot of restaurants around the world that looks extremely strange and unique in their own way. Check them out.

10 Ice Restaurant, United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates, the wondrous place on earth, was, without a doubt, expected to be found on this list, at the very top of it too. There, you can find a restaurant that is called the Ice Restaurant; a restaurant that is totally made of ice with everything freezing inside of it. It seems like the United Arab Emirates has found a way to enjoy all the weathers even though they are a tropical are with a hot climate. You will, without a doubt, love to spend some time at that place unless you forget to take a coat along with you. Our best advice is that you should be planning on going there because spontaneous visits to such a place might not actually work in your favor; leaving you to freeze, just like everything else around you.

9 Ninja New York – New York City, USA
People love suspense and thrilling moments unless things get serious. There is a restaurant in the United States, New York to be specific, called the Ninja New York; it is not given that name haphazardly, but actually the staff that serves you there are dressed like ninjas and Japanese warriors, greeting you in a striking position, but calm down, you do not have to fight back, they are actually friendly despite how they may appear, but they love impressing you by performing unexpected tricks while getting your sushi done.

8 Devil Island Prison Restaurant, China
You read that right; it looks like an actual prison. The restaurant is located in China and it is called the Devil Island Prison Restaurant. The owner wanted to teach people that crimes will never lead you anywhere but to a miserable life. Either you like the idea or not, we have to admit that some things cannot be learned unless they are done the hard way and that is what the owner wanted people to experience; how life in prison would be. Here is the best advice we can ever give; do not attempt performing any act that would lead you to such a place unless it is that unique Chinese restaurant.

7 The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar
The Rock restaurant is located on an island in the Indian Ocean; people always get impressed by it, not only because it is a place where you can have a romantic dinner with your beloved one while enjoying the amazing view of the beach and the unbelievable environment, but also due to the different methods that you can use to reach to this place. These methods include walking, which is the usual way you go to places, or swimming. Yes, you can jump in the water and swim for your own meal. It is a one of its kind idea and it must definitely be an amazing experience.

6 Underwater Restaurant, Maldives
You have probably come across different photos that are spread on the social media, revealing how beautiful the Maldives is; it is usually a life goal. Well, here is one more fascinating thing about the Maldives; you can enjoy having a delicious meal somewhere that is almost five meters below the level of the sea. It is actually a seafood restaurant where you can literally watch your food alive and swimming around you right before it served for you to it. It may seem like a torture for the marine creatures to watch their family and friends being eaten right before their own eyes, but don’t worry, they will get over it, just enjoy the experience.

5 Huvafen Fushi, North Malé, Maldives
Here is one more splendid restaurant that is located right in the Maldives; Huvafen Fushi. The restaurant is exactly located in a resort that exists on a private island which is popular for having a pool that sparkles when the sun goes down. The place is magnificent that you cannot help yourself but enjoy the splendid view as well as your perfectly prepared meal.

4 Marton Theme Restaurant, Taiwan
The Marton Theme Restaurant; we are not actually trying to say that it is a splendid restaurant, but that would not stop it from making it on this list because, whether you like or not, it is one of the strangest restaurants existing around the world. At this place, you will find everything making you feel like you are still in the toilet, even if you already got out of there. It is actually a matter of perspectives; some people would choose to like it and others, or actually the most, will feel disgusted. Either way, you should try focusing on enjoying the experience of trying something new.

3 Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, Bangkok
Most of us have wished for having the power to fly at some point in our lives. Maybe you have not ever wished for that, but still, you will definitely enjoying having your meal at the very top of a skyscraper. What a thrilling feeling! The restaurant is called the Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar and it is located in Thailand, Bangkok specifically. If you ever happen to visit Thailand, do not miss the chance of flying and watching the whole city while sitting down and enjoying a tasty meal.

2 Mars Restaurant, United States
It seems like we are not lucky enough to have the chance to explore the other planets. Well, since we are stuck on earth, it will be a great idea to imagine how Mars would actually look like if we went there. In the United states, there is a restaurant that let you live like a martian for one day by providing you with a space-themed restaurant, making you feel like you have left this world for some time.

1 Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines
If you ever felt like you belong to the marine life, you will enjoy this restaurant for sure. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is located in the Philippines and it is literally located in a waterfall. The falls are not actually natural water, but you will still enjoy splashing water around until your meal is ready.

What else could be kept in store for us? It does not matter what it could be, but each one of us cannot definitely wait to be more surprised and impressed.