10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Your home design is a true reflection of who you are as a person. Well, you definitely can’t judge people through their taste in interior design. However, their taste gives you a quick glimpse on whom they may be. For example, colors reveal the type of your personality; blue color indicates you’re a quiet person while the black one indicates that you have a mysterious side. Psychology plays a role in such analysis, and according to scientific studies, your home design has a great impact on your emotions. Cluttered houses with loud colors tend to create stress; on the other hand, cozy designs alleviate your mood significantly. If you are looking for a quick revamp of your place, but still on a budget, go for the living room. Living rooms are usually the ones with the most activities; you spend most of your time there, watching TV, eating, or even reading.

Acrylic prints, or photos printed on plexiglass form elegant decoration to beautify your living room as well as any room in the apartment. They have been quite trendy for a while; many couples and families use them to preserve their special moments. HelloPrint website offers high-quality acrylic prints of nine different sizes to choose from. Hence, you could probably find the size/s that match the home decor. For printing, they use eco-friendly ink cured by UV light and provide white coating finishing that ensures the color quality. The prints are waterproof as well as sun-proof. Plus, they come with four side grip stainless steel suspension system.

The most important thing is to pick the print house that could execute your design accurately with sharp colors and efficient finishing. Part of the HelloPrint service is to check your artwork for free and tell the client if they could apply it efficiently. Here are the top 10 ideas for wood floors designs:

1 Classic Interior

Classic touches in the living rooms are impeccably elegant and sophisticated. If you are going to have your floors in the living room in wood, make the walls and furniture a mix of black and white. Go for dark wooden floors if you want a graceful classic appearance. The floor will accentuate the charm of your living room.

living-room-with-dark-wooden-floor-home-decoration-675x450 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Modern-Dark-Hardwood-Floor-Living-Room-home-decoration-675x450 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

2 Go All White

White is usually linked to classic designs; however, there are ways to mix it with contemporary designs. Go for all white on your walls and let them blend gracefully with the rustic feel of the wooden floors. White walls provide a refreshing feel; it is quite angelic and lively. Let your room come to life with such an artistic blend.

home-decoration-living-room-with-dark-wooden-floor-675x506 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

living-room-dark-wood-floor-home-decoration-675x539 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

3 Country Appearance

Have the touch of a countryside design while being in the city. Give your wooden floors a dark texture to appear like a home in the countryside. For a further effect, go for wooden walls as well. You might think it is too much wood, but you can break the intensity by creating a contrast between hues. For example, if the floor is dark, make the walls in lighter hues or the other way around. You can also lessen the intensity of the wood effect by applying neutral carpets that create an incredible blend.

living-room-home-decorating-wooden-walls-and-floor-675x452 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

dark-wood-floors-home-decoration-675x449 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

4 Wood Ceiling and Floors

Complement your living room with a ceiling made of wood along with the wooden flooring. However, go for light-colored walls, be them white or creamy. Concerning the furniture, make it contemporary along with the minimal decorative materials. That way, you can keep a traditional home in check, but with a nice touch of modernization.

home-decoration-living-room-Wood-Ceiling-and-Floors-675x506 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

home-decoration-living-room-with-Wood-Ceiling-and-Floors-675x450 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

5 Golden Tones

Wood floors come in different colors and hues. Go for ones with walnut or even darker shade and add a golden tone to your furniture. You don’t have to go for loud and bold colors; they can be annoying to the eyes. However, you can go for dark furniture and mix it with golden shades in either red or orange for a beautiful impact.

Dark-Wood-Floors-living-room-home-decoration-675x450 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

home-decoration-living-rooms-wooden-floor-and-golden-furnature-675x535 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

6 Colorful Shades

Add life to your living room by making your wooden floor rich in texture. On the other hand, make the colors shine out from your décor. For example, go for colorful cushions or add table lamps that shine brightly. Just make sure you create a good contrast between different colors and shades, so you don’t end up with unnecessary bold colors.

home-decoration-living-room-wooden-floor-and-colorful-furniture-675x516 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

home-decoration-living-room-wooden-floor-and-colorful-furniture-675x506 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

7 The Ultimate Use of Wood

Some people love to keep themselves warm during the cold season. This could easily happen through maximizing the use of wood by having it all the way from the floor to the walls and the ceiling as well. Your living room won’t only take off the chill during the shivering season, but it will also look elegantly classic. Don’t be afraid to go for wood furniture all the same; they will all add a warm accent.

artistic-wood-living-room-home-decoration-675x450 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

wood-living-room-home-decoration-675x450 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

8 Darker Ground

If you want to have everything in the living room noticed, go for a wood floor of a darker hue than the rest of the furniture and other room’s décor. The dark texture of the floor will complement the rest of the room. Besides, being the darkest element in the room can’t help but be noticed. Your lighter furniture will provide comfy vibes and create a cozy atmosphere within the room.

home-decoration-living-room-wood-floor-2-675x540 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

home-decoration-living-room-wood-floor 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

9 Black Wood Floor

Yes, we have already said that dark-colored floors complement the whole room effortlessly, but we haven’t mentioned the effect of the black color. The best thing about black is that it makes the floor look all constructed as a whole piece. Unlike the effect of lighter colors of parquet and wood; they usually look like cut pieces that got glued together. We are not saying that this form of wood is better, but it has its quite unique effect. Not to mention that black is a stylish color; it never fails in providing elegance and sophistication within interior design.

Modern-Living-Room-With-Black-Hardwood-Flooring-675x405 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

home-decoration-living-room-wooden-floor-2-675x506 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

10 Painted Wood

Freshen up your living room by going for painted wood. Painting your floors can easily revamp your room and add liveliness to your living room. Isn’t that we all look for? Well, there are many ideas to go for regarding painting your wood floor. They all look equally elegant and sophisticated. You can go for a crisp white for a wider looking room. If you prefer darker accents, they may make your room look narrower in space. Colors can be a bit confusing; it is not always easy to choose the right colors. Thus, go for patterned designs and geometric ones to fully transform the appearance of your room.

home-decoration-living-room-painted-wood-floor 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

home-decor-living-room-Painte-Hardwood-Floor-675x506 10 Wood Floors Design Ideas for Living Rooms

There are a lot of tones, textures, and patterns to choose from. We have listed ten of the coolest ideas to go for when considering a quick yet efficient facelift for the living room. Go for the one that reflects your personality the most. Add more life to your place; you will feel confidently comfortable and cozy altogether.

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