10 Ways To Get Beautiful Hands

Your hands are essential in almost all activities which you are doing in your daily life. But do you ever think about how to make them look beautiful, however they are working whole the day. In this article, we will provide you simple hand and nail care tips to get beautiful hands ever.




1. Avoid putting your hands in icy or hot water: it is very harmful as the cold water can cause a constriction and then a dilation of capillary vessel leading to redness, while hot water can make your skin dry by taking away sebum as dermatologists explain.
2. Protect your hands with sunscreen: all hands can spot and wrinkle just as fast as the face. So to avoid these spots and wrinkles, you should mix extra smooth sun protection lotion SPF 40, with lotion. Using the sunscreen alone can be drying to hands.

3. Lube up your hands with oils: according to what experts say, oil is the best way to get moisture into the skin, so that they recommend using dry chapped hand creme which contains safflower seed oil.

4. Slather on a mask: apply the smooth almond illuminating masque and then put your hands into plastic bags with a warm towel for just 5 minutes as heat will help the mask to penetrate.





5. Use a milky hand wash: it is better to avoid soaps which contain the harsh chemical triclosan; this kind of soaps is often marked as antibacterial and instead look to have naturally antibacterial ingredients such as eucalyptus or tea tree oil.

6. Try anti aging face cream after 40: apply it on the backs of your hands at night.




7. Detect signs of health problems on your nails:

  • White nails can be caused by liver problems.
  • Half pink and half white nails are sign of kidney disease.
  • Yellow and thicken nail with slowed growth rate speaks about lung disease.
  • Pale nail beds can be an early symptom for anemia.

8. Avoid polish removers based on acetone: the acetone nail polish remover has many harmful effects as it can cause your nails to be broken and brittle. So if you have brittle nails, it is better to avoid using acetone nail polish remover as it is the product which all dermatologists agree on avoiding.

9. Avoid rough emery boards: the old-fashioned orange emery boards are very harsh on your nails as they can cause small cracks that lead to breakage, instead of that you can file your nails with a smooth, fine file and do not saw back and forth and just file in 1 direction only and do it evenly and slowly in order to reduce the risk of breakage.

10. Take biotin supplements: biotin one is of the members of the vitamin B family which helps in increasing nail thickness and prevents splitting or breaking. In one study 2.4 milligrams of biotin daily for several months benefited people with 90% of the 40 citing significant improvement. Dermatologists say to get the effect, it is important to take the prescription strength, therapeutic level of 2.4 milligrams daily.






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