10 Tips to Hide Acne with Makeup

There are times when our skin decides to work against us. Pimples and zits start showing up on our faces when we are on the verge of an important event, and we tend to get so frustrated. Well, it is exasperating when a ridiculous acne breakout ruins your mood. However, there is no need to stress over something that can actually be easily treated. Before you head to the treatment, you need to learn the causes behind acne breakouts, so you know how to prevent it in the first place. One of the main factors that cause acne breakout is stress; always make sure you’re chilling and taking things lightly. Second, you need to take care of what you put into your mouth because our bodies react to everything we eat. Lastly, you need to follow a skincare routine that will keep your skin clean and healthy and clean your clogged pores that cause acne in the first place. These are all different ways to treat acne, but if you’re in a hurry, then maybe you will need to use makeup to hide up the unneeded spots on your face. Check out these tips that will help you show up looking flawlessly beautiful.

1 Moisturize First and Always

Before applying makeup, you need to make sure your skin is clean and well hydrated. That way, your makeup application will look much better. So, here is tip number one that you should never skip; wash your face and moisturize it generously. Keeping your skin hydrated will also lessen the chances of more acne breakouts. Even if you have oily skin, don’t ever skip the moisturizing part. A lot of moisturizing creams are out there that are made specifically for different skin types. Choose the one suitable for your skin and apply it every day after you wash your face, before makeup application, and before going out in the sun.

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2 Go for Oil-Free Makeup

Having a lot of acne scars and spots on your face means you’re more likely possessing an oily skin. That excess oil secretion blocks your pores and accumulates dirt, causing acne and pimples to break out. Thus, you need to bear this fact in mind while looking for the right makeup products. Opt for makeup products whose main ingredient is water and are mineral-based. Besides, the type of cosmetics that prevent the pores from being clogged is called either non-acnegenic or noncomedogenic. Again, always acquire mineral-based cosmetics because they are made to absorb the excess oil that sits on the skin and can hide the redness resulted from acne without irritating your skin any further.

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3 Apply the Right Primer

Primers are essential in hiding all the skin flaws before applying other cosmetic products. You need to choose the right one, considering your skin type. Again, go for an oil-free primer. It will keep your makeup in place and absorb the excess oil that your skin already secretes, in case you have oily skin. Just note that exposing your face to the sun will always hinder your healing process, so avoid too much exposure. Even better, go for a primer that contains SPF, especially in case you suffer from scarring or hyperpigmentation.

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4 Find the Perfect Concealer for You

The market is full with more than a few concealers from different brands. You may need to go through some trials and errors until you find the one that works perfectly with you. While picking up the right type of concealer, bear in mind that it matches your skin complexion, so your face doesn’t look weird.

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5 You Need a Foundation

Foundations are good in hiding what you think makes your skin flawless. However, most of them are full of harsh chemicals that can backfire at your skin instead of treating it gently. Thus, you need to go for a non-comedogenic foundation, for it contains much fewer chemicals so that it wouldn’t irritate your skin. Besides, this type of foundations works perfectly with your acne medication, if you use any.

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6 Use a Green Color Corrector

People usually confuse between correctors and concealers; they are slightly close one to the other, but each of them has its role. It is always recommended to use a green corrector since it is perfect in concealing the redness of the skin and any signs of pigmentation. Apply it with a brush and blend it well then apply the right concealer for the tone of your skin.

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7 Use a Setting Powder

Setting powders can dry the skin a bit, thus, they are perfect for people with oily skin. Otherwise, it can worsen your skin by dehydrating it. It is optional anyway, you don’t have to go for a setting powder; however, if you chose to use it, opt for a light setting powder. Light ones do not trap excess oils under your skin which can actually worsen your acne.

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8 Use Sponges or Brushes

Always bear in mind that touching your face with your hand can cause the bacteria to transfer, causing more acne breakouts. So, you better use a sponge or a brush to apply your makeup with and totally avoid touching your skin. However, you need to keep them always clean and neat. You will have to wash them on a weekly basis or even twice a week.

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9 Add Some Blush

It is always a good idea to add a blush to your makeup routine; they provide a nice flair to your appearance. You can also use a bronzer instead if you prefer the effect of the tanned skin. Either way, you will need to avoid ones that contain any form of sparkle or glitter. Not only are they irritating to the skin, but they don’t always look faultless as expected.

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10 Use a Spray

Go for sprays that will help keep your makeup in place and avoid it from going cakey. Besides its power of extending the stay of the makeup in place, it is also a hydrating mist that can keep your skin fresh and moisturized.

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All you have to do is to follow these simple tips, and we promise you’ll get the desired concealing of acne breakouts and scars.

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