10 Tips On Taking Care Of Your Eyes

Your eyes are your windows to the whole world with its objects, animals, plants, colors and everything. It is very important to take care of your eyes and to keep them healthy and bright, so we will give you some tips on taking care of your sight and eyes.

1. You have to avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 19 hours and avoid wearing glasses too long too. Your eyes need to take in a regular supply of Oxygen to become healthy and the lenses or glasses could prevent and block the Oxygen to get in your eyes.

2. It is better to wear UV protective sunglasses: the UV rays could harm or damage your eyesight, so it is better to protect your eyes by wearing UV  protective sun glasses. You should also learn your kids to protect their eyes from UV harmful rays by wearing hats and protective sunglasses.


3. Avoid reading in dim light: if you are using to read in dim light, be sure that this will cause your eyes stress and strain; s it is better to read in an appropriate light. If your eyes feel tired while reading, so it is better to take a break.

4. Avoid looking at a bright light directly such as the sun as it may damage and harm your eyes.


5. Use the eye drops which are designed to be allergen-reducing during the allergy seasons to get rid of itchiness.


6. Try not to spend so much time looking at the screen of the computer as it may cause muscle fatigue in the eyes. It is better to give your eyes a break from looking at the computer, specially if you are not doing anything too important.


7. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits such as carrots, Broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, sardines, wild salmon, bell peppers and everything which contains Vitamin C or Omega-3.


8. Apply cucumber on your eyelids: put two pieces of cucumber on your eyelids before going to sleep at night as to prevent puffiness and inflammation.

9. Exercise and relax your eyes by looking at near objects then look at far objects or you can make the figure “8” by using your eyes. These ways are very important to relieve your eyes.

10. You can visit a doctor to check your eyes and to know about its problems and how to treat and cure them.



Maria Olson

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