10 Tips On How To Love Studying

There are many students whether are girls or boys who do not love studying and feel it very boring, if you are one of those who have this trouble with studying, so follow these 10 tips which will make studying very enjoyable. Be sure that you will love studying after applying these tips on your study plan.


1. Go stationary shopping: buy yourself some large notebooks with simple life quotes on their covers, buy stickers, colorful pens, sticky notes or any other thing which you will need in studying. These things will motivate you.




2. Power off your computer or your phone: you have to concentrate only on your dreams, your plan and your future life.

3. Tidy your room: when your room is messy, you will feel that you do not want to study because your room distracts you. You should clean up your room and organize the bookshelf and desk where your materials are located.



4. Learn for yourself, not just for exams: the first false point when you think that studying is just for passing exams and finding a job. You have to be interested in things which you learn at school without thinking that you learn it for the exams.


5. Most of people think that music is not right while studying: music can be right when you make a playlist full of instrumental songs without lyrics as it could help you to love studying. Avoid going to study without making  a playlist as it will distract you by changing the song and trying to find another one.




Young Man Eating a Carrot Stick

6. Make sure that the door is closed while studying: closing the room will help you to concentrate more as it will block the noise which come from other rooms.


7. Set your desk in the right place: you should organize your desk and your materials which you use in studying. If you like simplicity, so throw away any unnecessary stuff on the desk.




8. You do not have to make a daily plan such as at 8 p.m study science: it is better to plan for studying science for two hours as this will help you to not to be bored.


9. Use your stickers, sticky notes and colorful pens: you can write the important things on the sticky notes then stick them on your notebook.




10. While studying, you can drink some juice or eat snacks




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