10 Tips for Buying the Right Diesel Generator

Diesel generators, also known as diesel gensets, have grown necessary for the modern society for multiple reasons. They have been used by many industries, businesses, organizations, and individuals. A generator’s purpose is to generate electricity, and a diesel generator consists of a diesel engine and electric generator. Typically, it runs on diesel fuel; however, some types are designed for natural gas and liquid fuels such as petroleum.

To choose a suitable generator for your use or a Diesel Generator for sale, you need to keep some aspects in mind. For example, knowing the right size is quite central in the selection process; it saves you the problems of low load and shortage of power. Following, we present you ten tips to successfully buy the right diesel generator for your needs. But, let us start with the different uses of generators and how diesel generators work.

Why would you need a generator?

Well, in areas with no connection to a power grid, many people rely on generators. However, it is not the only way to go off the grid, for increasing numbers have gone for solar electricity as an alternative too. Also, one of the most popular employment of a generating set is as an emergency power supply, in other words as a secondary source of power in case the grid fails. This one is common among businesses that depend on sensitive computer networks, hospitals where they cannot afford to be caught up with power outage, for seconds of a sudden power blackout could cost lives, corporates, factories, etc. Less common and more complex applications include grid support, peak-lopping, and export to the power grid.

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How do diesel generators work?

Diesel generator work depends on converting movement, or mechanical power, into electricity. The produced electric power, then, moves through power cables to provide the place with power. This way the generator acts as a pump which allows electricity to flow through the wires as water flows through pipes. Diesel generators vary, however, comprise main parts, including an engine, alternator, fuel system, voltage regulator, lubrication system, cooling and exhaust systems, control panel, and battery charger.

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Diesel generator on scale

Regarding the environmental aspect, diesel generators produce more polluting gases compared to petroleum gensets, for example. They cause more noise, for the diesel engine is louder while working than the petrol counterpart. On the other hand, diesel generators are fuel efficient, requires low maintenance, and last longer than petrol powered engines. The heavier your use and the more power you demand,  the more you need a diesel generator. Besides, diesel fuel is of lower cost than petrol. So, diesel generators are cheaper to run.

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Tips on choosing a diesel generator

When you look for a diesel generator, consider the following:

1 Conformity with the environmental standards

Make sure that the diesel generator you want matches the environmental standards of the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. It is a significant aspect because diesel generators tend to produce more polluting emissions than petrol ones.

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2 Size of the generator

To be satisfied with your purchase decision the most, it is crucial to select the size of the generator wisely. This demands to identify the size and needs of your home or business. The generator should power your place, equipment, and appliances efficiently. The decision should also depend on how frequently do blackouts occur, and how long do they last on average? If you cannot determine those aspects clearly, it is a good idea to hire the professional aid of a local technician who will help you achieve an effective decision.

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3 The power capacity

The generator’s power capacity is closely attached to its size, for the power capacity, measured in kilowatts or megawatts, determines the size. A primary step to identify the capacity/size you need is to make a list of the equipment pieces for which you need the generator power. This way, you will determine the total wattage you need accurately.

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4 The available space

It is important to have a good location and enough space for your new diesel generator so that it can work properly in a suitable temperature. The place should be well ventilated and easily accessible for repairing, checking, and routine maintenance. Also, while deciding where to put it, keep in mind the noise it makes while working. So, if you want to place it indoors, you may want to consider a soundproof enclosure.

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5 The noise

Generators generally, and diesel ones especially, produce noise while working. The market comprises generators of different noise levels. It also depends on the type of the generator; portable generators produce more sound than stationary ones, for example. So, you need to choose the appropriate one for your use. If you are putting it outdoors away from your place, for instance, you do not need to spend extra money on a quiet generator.

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6 Affordability

There are many types of diesel gensets with a wide range of prices and levels of durability. Never sacrifice quality for a low price. Do not also be tempted by over expensive generators with extra impressive features. A perfect decision is all about achieving a balance between your needs and what you can afford to pay. It is another area where a professional opinion could serve you well.

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7 Fuel efficiency

It is a vital feature to consider in the generator you want to buy. Even if it costs more, you will gain extra benefits in the long term. Diesel generators are fuel efficient; for example, a 120kW diesel genset achieves an efficiency that ranges from 10.9 to 32.1 liters per hour.

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8 Portable or stationary?

If you need a diesel generator for home or small business use, portable generators could be suitable for you, especially if you need them mostly for occasional, emergency cases. Stationary generators, on the other hand, are stronger and, therefore, suitable for large firms, hospitals, etc. and heavy use. They are of low maintenance and longer lifespan.

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9 Start methods

It could be considered a secondary feature; however, a suitable start method can make running the generator smoother for you. Many consider the electric push start as the best choice, and there is also the manual method by pulling the rope. The electric push start works smoother in winters than the rope pulls.

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10 Trusted brand

Last but not anyway the least, you have to pay attention to the manufacturer; search for a well-reputable, renowned one with an impressive history of achievements and customer satisfaction. The way the generators work demands robust manufacturing to stand the pressure of use and live long. Another reason to go for a brand name if you can afford it is that branded generators have quite good warranties.

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We hope that you know now more about diesel generators, how they work, and how to identify the one that suits your needs among the crowd. Good luck!

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