10 Things You Don’t Know about Head Coach “Adam Gase”

Adam Gase is known as one of the most famous American football coaches especially after becoming the head coach of the Miami Dolphins of the NFL (National Football League) to be one of the youngest NFL head coaches. He has coached for many professional football teams such as Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, LSU Tigers, Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers. After firing coach Joe Philbin for the early season loss in London to the Bills, Adam Gase was announced on January 9, 2016 to be the new head coach of the Miami Dolphins and he has signed a five-year deal. Stephen Ross, who is the owner of the Miami Dolphins, said that Adam Gase is the right leader for their football team and the best to meet all of their priorities. Ross also said in a statement “Adam has high-energy, is competitive and driven to win with a mindset of teaching and developing players.”

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins (1)
Miami Dolphins (2)
Miami Dolphins (3)

1 Was born in Michigan: Adam Gase was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan on March 29, 1978.

Adam Gase

2 Married in a football family: Adam Gase is married to Jennifer who is the daughter of New Orleans Saints linebackers coach Joe Vitt. He has two sons and one daughter which makes him a family man.

Gase with his family (2)
Gase with his family
Gase with his family (1)

3 Impressive coach: According to Dolphins vice president Mike Tannenbaum and other team officials, Adam Gase is open-minded, intelligent, hard worker, eager to learn more, energetic, excellent communicator and competitive, has great football acumen, has the ability to deal with the young and talented players in the football team and can build a great coaching staff and develop it. He is going to be an excellent head coach.

Adam Gase impressive coach
Adam Gase impressive coach (1)
Adam Gase impressive coach (2)

4 Has no prior head-coaching experience: The Miami Dolphins hired Adam Gase to be a head coach for the first time as he does not have prior head-coaching experience.

no head-coaching experience
no head-coaching experience (1)

5 The youngest head coach: Adam Gase is now known as the youngest NFL head coach since he is just 37 years old. He has no prior head-coaching experience but he has been in the profession around football teams since he was just 18 years old and he believes that getting older happens quickly because “every week’s a growing experience.”

the youngest head coach
the youngest head coach (1)

6 Hired to solve problems: Adam Gase’s task in the Miami Dolphins is to solve many problems such as fixing the play of Ryan Tannehill after a troubling season in the last year. So, what is Adam going to do? Will he succeed in helping the Miami Dolphins achieve their goals? Adam Gase decided to work directly with Tannehill and to hire guys on the offensive staff to help him develop and achieve his goal.

Ryan Tannehill
Ryan Tannehill (1)
Ryan Tannehill (2)
Ryan Tannehill (3)

7 A perfect quarterback guru: Adam Gase is known for his unique ability to develop and improve quarterbacks and this is one of the most important reasons which are highly responsible for hiring him. His fascinating and impressive work with Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow attracted more attention to him and encouraged the Dolphins to hire him believing that he can do the same with Ryan Tannehill.

quarterback guru
quarterback guru (1)

8 Worked with famous NFL coaches: Adam Gase has worked with famous NFL coaches as he was the offensive coordinator of John Fox, who is the head coach of the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL).

worked with famous coaches
worked with famous coaches (1)

9 Has coached for several football teams: It is the first time for Adam Gase to be a head coach, but before going to the Miami Dolphins he has coached for several professional football teams such as Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, LSU Tigers and Chicago Bears.

Adam Gase Coached for several football teams
Adam Gase Coached for several football teams (1)

10 Was a wide receiver and not a quarterback: Although Adam Gase is a professional and perfect quarterback guru, he played wide receiver in high school.

was a wide receiver
Adam Gase and Miami Dolphins

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