Top 10 Hottest Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs To Try

November’s fourth Thursday is too close, and everyone is ready for eating turkey. It’s the time when it comes to the realization that now is the perfect time for thanking God for all the blessings we never had the chance to stop and think about. Traditionally, that is what always happens when it’s Thanksgiving Day, but if you’re kind of bored of these norms then blitz your day by polishing your nails with brand new designs. It might not be a lot to look forward to on this day, but sometimes these small changes boost your mood dramatically, so don’t hesitate to try any of them.

1 Falling Leaves of Autumn


Since it’s Fall, it would be nice to draw some orange leaves on your nails. It’s creative and beautiful.

2 Googly-eyed Turkey


This day is famous for eating turkey, so why don’t you try this design of a googly-eyed turkey?

3 Roasted Turkey


Ok, to be honest, this turkey looks more realistic if you want to present this day’s most famous symbolizing food on your nails.

4 Patch of Pumpkins


Despite the fact that Pumpkins feels more like signifying Halloween, people still enjoy having Pumpkin Spice drinks on Thanksgiving. And they really are YUMMY!

5 Autumn Trees


This one is a cute Thanksgiving-related nail art design as well, you can go ahead and try it too.

6 Cartoon Thanksgiving Designs



If you are a Cartoon fanatic, you have designed your nails with any of your favorite characters and combined them with any Thanksgiving-related symbols. For example, you can draw Snoopy on one nail, Peanuts, his yellow friend, on another, and turkey roast on another. It does not have to be Snoopy, if you’re capable of choosing other characters, then go for it.

7 Ombre Nails Art


If you don’t want to stick to the previously mentioned Thanksgiving-related designs, you can represent your own Thanksgiving design by using colors and making the top of your nails glittery-shaded. Try to go for the closest Autumn colors.

8 Classic Desserts


Is dessert your favorite part of Thanksgiving Day? Fantastic, try drawing some pastry doughs like pies and tarts on your nail and make them look delicious.

9 Fall Flowers


Nature is an amazing element during Autumn. It may create a bit melancholy low-spirited views for some people, but that would not change the fact that is still beautiful. Use these nails for designing some stunning fall flowers.

10 Jumble Different Designs


Don’t feel like trying any of the above designs? Why don’t you try on blending most, or all, of them together? 10 nails beds are enough for drawing each design on each of them. You’ll get popular among your family members for creating such a new thing, and, especially, if there are a lot of children.

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