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Top 10 Sports that Should Not Be in the Olympics

What are the sports that should not be in the Olympics? Do they really deserve to be out or they should stay in the Olympics? What about wrestling? Do you like it? Do you think that it should not be included in the Olympic Games? Most of the people are interested in the different sports that are played even if they do not play anyone of them. Some of these sports, and not all of them, are included in the Olympic Games because these sports are believed to be core sports which means that they are played in all the countries around the world making them among the main sports that should be included in the Olympics. There are other sports that are common among people and are played in all the countries around the world, however they are not included. Do you know why? Wrestling is one of the most common sports. It is considered by many people as an exciting sport that is even better than others, however it is dropped now as the IOC decided to exclude it from the Olympic games. Wrestling is going to be included in the Rio 2016 “2016 Olympics which is going to be held in Rio de Janeiro” to present to us 28 sports, but in 2020, we are not going to find it which shocked many wrestlers and wrestling lovers all over the world. Dropping wrestling encourages us to talk about other sports that should be dropped. Here are the top 10 sports that should not be in the Olympics.

10. Fencing

It is one of the martial arts in which fighting is based on using blades. There is what is called Olympic Fencing “modern fencing” which is divided into three categories and this division is based on the weapons which are used to have what is called foil fencing, saber fencing and the last category is épée fencing.

9. Archery

It is the practice or sport of using bows for shooting arrows and the name of this sport is derived from the Latin word “arcus”. Archery was used before for fighting in wars and was also used for hunting, but now it is completely different as it turned to be a recreational activity and is known as one of the most common competitive sports among archers.

8. Shooting

It is one of the most interesting competitive sports in which you should have the ability to quickly and accurately shoot the targets. The sport can be divided into categories in terms of the distance at which the target is placed to be shot, the type of firearm that is used for shooting and the target that is used to be shot. There are several types of guns that can be used in this sport such as air guns and firearms. Shooting is also used for hunting, fighting and as a recreational activity.

7. Handball

It is one of the most common team sports and playing it for the first time dates back to the end of the 19th century when it started to be played in Germany and Scandinavia. This sport requires two teams and each team consists of seven players. The sport is rarely played outdoors, but this does not mean that you cannot see players playing it in different outdoor places especially on the beach to be called beach handball. It is sometimes called sandball for being played on sand.

6. Modern Pentathlon

It is one of the core sports that are included in the Olympic Games since 1912. There are five different sports that are included in the modern pentathlon and these sports are running, fencing, swimming, shooting and show jumping or riding. There are many people who see that this sport should not be included in the Olympics since the sports that are included in it are already in the Olympic Games and there is no need to be presented again through the modern pentathlon.

5. Equestrian

This sport is chiefly based on riding horses and is divided into three disciplines which are Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. Equestrian appeared in the Olympics for the first time in 1900 and suddenly disappeared in 1904 and 1908, but it returned back again to appear in the Olympic Games in 1912. It has not disappear since that time making it one of the core sports in the Olympic Games each time.

4. Table Tennis

It is one of the most common sports that are played in different countries around the world and it is sometimes played as a recreational activity. It is usually played by two players and it is also sometimes played by four players through using a table tennis bat and a small ball which is light in its weight. Playing this game requires strong attention and fast reaction to be able to win.

3. Trampoline

Trampolines are chiefly used for recreational purposes and turned after that to be used for competitive purposes to the extent that they are included in the Olympics as if they deserve to be there. There are many people who believe that this sport should be the first one to be excluded from the Olympic Games even before wrestling that is believed to be much more competitive and interesting.

2. Race Walking

Although this race is mainly based on using feet, it is completely different from running. Running is more competitive, interesting, tiring and allows you to highly fly since you are allowed to lift your feet without being obliged to make them touch the ground all the time unlike race walking in which you have to keep one foot touching the ground all the time making it a boring sport for most of those who watch it. This sport is more suitable to be a recreational activity, which helps in losing weight, than being a competitive sport.

1. Synchronized Swimming

In fact, it is one of the most interesting sports to watch. It is a combination of gymnastics, swimming and dancing which makes it more interesting. A number of swimmers perform different moves while they are in water and this performance is accompanied by music making this like an entertaining show that allows you to enjoy your time while listening to music. However, there are many people who think that this sport should not be in the Olympics. Do you agree with them?

Do you think that there are other sports which should or should not be in the Olympics???