10 Social Media Trends that Need to Stop

We can find numerous new trends that are presented to us every year in different aspects of life to attract our attention and to cope with the latest changes. Some of these trends are really interesting while the others are not attractive and this is why they do not last for a long time. Social media websites are visited by over 3.7 billion people around the world and we spend most of our time on these sites for communicating with many people all over the world, sharing information and other purposes that make social media full of new trends which are really catchy and increase the time that we spend on these sites. Some of the new social media trends are attractive for some people but are not for others and this is because the new trends do not meet their needs or just waste their time without working for them. Here is a quick glance at the social media trends that are not useful and really need to stop.


♦ Creating cartoon characters: Bitstrips allows you to enjoy turning yourself and your friends into cartoon characters. It is really funny but you may find that some of your friends do not like the idea of being turned into funny cartoon characters.


♦ Making lists: It is boring to find many things created in the form of lists without the need to do that. You can find lists for almost everything which makes them boring for some people who do not like reading everything in numbers and lists.


♦ Photos in bathroom: It is one of the worst trends that still appear till now as you can find some persons who use their bathroom mirrors for taking photos of themselves which is considered by many people as a stupid thing that deserves to die forever without returning back again.


♦ Hashtags: They have become very popular as they are widely used by many people on social networking sites especially Twitter to mark what they write. What is bad about it is that they are used for almost everything people feel and write.


♦ Spreading rumors: There are some people who like spreading rumors even if they know that these rumors are not true. This thing is going to almost last forever without disappearing whether it is on social networking sites or in our life and between people.


♦ Game requests: It is a normal thing to receive game requests on social networking sites such as Facebook even if you do not play games or do not like them. Receiving game requests is annoying for some people who want to get rid of them.


♦ Useless answers to your questions: The worst thing when you ask about something that you do not know, ask for help or any other question is to find ridiculous answers that do not help you like those who tell you that they are busy or they are sorry because they do not know the right answer. The result is that you find many responses to your question without getting the answer that you need.


Lisa Chen

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