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10 Signs You Might Be An Internet-Addicted

Some people tend to develop a compulsive Internet habit by socializing online through chat rooms or networking sites instead of meeting people personally. Some of these people find it hard to control how much time they lose online to the point where it interferes with their daily life. Of course, the Internet plays a huge part in our modern life. It has many benefits which we could take from, but these benefits are accompanied by a dark side.

Do you want to know if you have an internet addiction or not? Then check the signs below:

1. Interfering internet with your responsibilities: when you know that you have a hard work to do and are out of time, however  you can’t resist being online.

2. A change in your sleep pattern is a sign that something is not OK: If you are one of those people who get up in the morning and sit down at the computer only to find something seeming like a moment job, later finding out that the sun is setting and another day is lost online. You have to know that staying up through the night or sleeping in can badly affect your health.

3. Heightened euphoria while being on the Internet: this means that if browsing your favorite sites makes you feel better than anything else, so watch out.

4. Neglect family and friends: if you pay less attention to your family members and friends to get your obsessive fill of the Web, so you should be careful because it is a very bad sign.

5. Stop other activities: Very common sign of net addicted people is losing interest in other activities.

6. Feeling ashamed or guilty about how much you go online is one more sign that you are addicted.
7. Craving more time online and being restless when away from a computer.

8. Failure to control your behavior: If you seem to have less self-control than you used, so you should to be careful and think what can be the reason for this.

9. When using of the computer makes a negative impact on your life, affects your job, relationships with other people, takes you away from things in your life; that need to be done including basic human hygiene do not you feel it is time for you to get up, take a shower or get some help?

10. Going through a weight change, backache, carpal tunnel or having headaches. If one of these symptoms are accompanied by the others listed above, that could mean you are Internet-addicted.