10 Secrets of Getting Lean & Staying Lean While Traveling

You must have a set of behavioral rules about being lean, stick with an eating plan and move away from buying junk food as it isn’t healthy and will make you gain weight.

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Make a plan for your weekend trip and prepare well for it. Plan your nutrition meals because diet is more important than exercise and don’t forget to take your gym wear and your training schedule with you.

Stick to your plan that you prepare. Start your day right, eat the main 3 meals regularly and avoid excessive amounts of refined breads and beverages that contain calories.

If you are in a long meeting or seminar, skip the appetizers that make you gain weight and order something else healthy and useful instead like a large garden salad.

Follow the new method of “intermittent fasting” or as it is known as Eat-Stop-Eat, it is the perfect plan for traveling. In this method, it is supposed to go without food for longer than most people expect. It will help you to lose fat and avoid dreadful airport and airplane food on your travels.

Customize one meal to eat it every week as a “reward meal”, but it doesn’t mean eating 5000 calories in one meal.

Be active and enjoy with the funny moments, find something better to do and don’t busy yourself in eating only.

Don’t miss your workout while traveling and don’t make any excuses. You have all the resources you need to burn fat anywhere and anytime.

Committee with your Body-weight Cardio programto work out in your hotel room.

Record everything that you ate and every activity that you did to feel guilt and responsibility towards everything you do and committee with healthy plan.

Download “10 Secrets To Stay Lean” FREE!

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