10 Safe Ways to Get Summertime Tanned Easily

When hearing the word “Summer”, you will always and forever automatically think “beach time”; and with beach time all we can think of is Tan! We all wait for the summer period to get that gold/bronze sexy shimmer going on. You absolutely can’t hate a summer tan, especially if you manage to nail it perfectly, and that’s what this article is all about. Let us guide your way into the sun lands, explain how to get your sun tan from a No to a Wow, and tell you the Does and Don’ts you need to follow to keep it safe and protect your health.

First let us explain what a tan is. Basically it’s when the outer skin cells die to protect you from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, thus forming a protective shield over your skin surface. Prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB has been proven to cause skin cancer and stimulate the growth of cancerous cells.  So what we are saying here is that your skin commits massive suicide to protect you from cancer, imagine that? So how do you ensure getting a perfect tan without letting in those harmful rays?

 The Does  

1  Sun protections 

ALWAYS apply sun protection. There are two kinds; the first is Sunblock which completely blocks out the UV rays, so it will prevent your skin from getting a tan at all as long as you wear it; that’s why we suggest using t6he which is the second kind: Sunscreen. So what’s the difference? Sunscreen is lighter and it will allow some of the UV rays to pass onto the skin surface, therefore allowing the tanning process to take place, not in a dangerous way though.

Choose sun protection that is high in SPF (no lower than 30 SPF). You must have read the word SPF on lots of protecting or beauty products, but do you know what it means? SPF refers to the amount of UV that can pass to reach your skin, SPF 50 for instance means 1/50 of the UV rays you’ll be exposed to will be able to contact your skin. Make sure you cover your whole body with protection and focus on the most exposed areas like the face and shoulders. You should re-apply it after entering water since it would probably get washed off, and re-apply every two hours in general (some brands could last longer though but this is the safety standard).

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2  Use a tanning oil 

Instead of increasing your hours in the sun, you can try to speed up the process by using a tanning oil. These oils have chemicals that help concentrate the UV rays and this will speed up the darkening process. Even though they intensify UV, use ones that have SPF anyway, go for a minimum of 15 SPF.

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3  Sunless tanning 

If you find it too risky to tan in the sun, or have too sensitive skin we can still offer you another solution. Have you ever heard of self-tanners or sunless tanning? Cosmetic stores now have sprays, creams and lotions that contain a chemical called dihydroxyacetone that can dye your outer skin cells easily and quickly. The down side is that it lasts less than a normal tan, since your skin cells regularly die and your body sheds that dead skin off, along with the color. But then again, we’re just pointing how quick and easy to use they are, so just re-apply them whenever you need. Just make sure while applying self tanners to cover your whole body equally, you don’t want a cow patch look. do you! And pick a kind that does not require time in the sun…or else it’s not really a “Sunless Tanning” product.

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4  Skin exfoliation 

Exfoliating your skin will also help you get a longer-lasting, more even tone, for removing the dead cells will help fresh skin to reach the surface, which will last longer before it sheds. It will also help remove any pore-clogging or extra oils and may even prevent acne. So, it’s all benefits.

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5  Apply lotion or skin cream daily 

Another good tip is to apply lotion or skin cream on a daily basis; this will help you maintain your tan for a longer period, since it will help reduce the amount of dead skin shed.

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6  Foods that boost natural SPF 

Eat food that will boost the natural SPF in your skin, a chemical called Lycopene. Find it in red and orange fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, grapefruits, guavas, sweet red peppers, red cabbage and, finally, the all-time best summer fruit: watermelons; can we here a “watermelon smoothie” everyone! Lycopene functions to boost your sun protection by 33%, plus it works as a great antioxidant. Other foods you’ll be so glad to find on this list are dark chocolate, which helps protect you against sun burns and Caffeine, which cuts skin cancer risk. Dermatologists suggest it’s best taken in the form of an espresso shot right before you start your exciting trip to the beach.

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 The Don’ts 

1  Avoid the period (10 AM to 2 PM)  

Try not to tan when the UV radiation is at its highest, the sun normally shines more intensely from 10 AM to 2 PM so try avoiding these periods. Also don’t tan for more than one hour a day. Try taking breaks from the sun while tanning every now and then; reducing the UV intensity will reduce its risks.

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2  NO Tanning Bed 

Never go for the “Tanning Bed” solution. Salons falsely advertise that these are safe and quick methods to get you the perfect tan you are dreaming of, but all they actually get you is skin cancer. Yes, it is THAT harmful. Studies proved using indoor tanning beds increase your risk of getting skin cancer by a massive 75%! Tanning beds pump a huge amount of UVA, and nearly no UVB. UVB are the rays that help produce vitamin D, which is good for bones and teeth. So basically the bed produces too much of the harmful rays and none of the useful ones the sun gives.

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3  Spray tans 

Avoid using spray tans as most of them are not FDA approved yet, and the effects they may have if ingested through the nose or mouth while spraying are unknown.

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4  Tanning pills 

Also avoid tanning pills. The chemical dye in them causes liver damage and could even cause your skin to turn orange in time.

Tanning-pills-pill-woman-675x554 10 Safe Ways to Get Summertime Tanned Easily

Now you are all ready and propped up for a danger-free glamorous tan that will keep your glow on fleek for a whole summer. Enjoy the beach.

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